More than meets the eye

All Nepalis have been shocked at the brutal killing of Ramhari Shrestha. Whether it was preplanned or accidental, the culprits must be brought to book. But as per the necessity of the time, all major political forces must unite to create minimum understanding instead of politicising the sentiments of Shrestha’s family. Organising Valley bandh is a purely political exercise. The prospect of reactionaries and opportunists utilising the situation to their own

advantage should not be discounted. In relation to this incident, the role of UNMIN and media has also been confusing.

An investigation committee to look into the murder should be formed at the earliest and compensations paid to the bereaved family. And instead of adding fuel to this family tragedy, all of us must wait for the final report of the investigating bodies.

Prabal Bhusal, via e-mail

Zing it up

I would like to see THT website made a bit more interactive through addition of blogs and chatrooms and other information sharing systems.

Divesh Upreti, via e-mail


As concerns the news report “SRK unfazed by Aamir’s dog blog” (THT, May 17), I think Aamir Khan is jealous that Shah Rukh now reigns as the king of Bollywood and is one of the most popular faces in the world. Otherwise, why would Aamir name his dog Shahrukh? I was a great fan of Aamir, but I am sorry to say that this incident has made me rethink my favourites.

Pragyee, via e-mail

Hard choice

I can relate to Babita Rai’s experience of having to live away from one’s family in the course of one’s studies and pursuit for personal freedom, “Life for rent” (THT, May 21). I am happy that she has taken up the challenge to face the world on her own. Living away from one’s parents is never easy. I can attest to that fact. In the end, I wish Rai the best of luck in dealing

with little everyday struggles that living alone brings in its wake.

Robin, via e-mail

Stop them

Last year, many people in Western Nepal lost their lives to snowstorms in their bid to collect Yarshagumba. This year too, two persons have already been killed on the same quest, “Two

Yarshagumba collectors killed” (THT, May 22). Many people are endangering their lives in their attempt to make a few extra bucks. Most worryingly, small kids have joined the herb trail, abandoning their studies and putting themselves at the mercy of the unpredictable weather. Kids should be barred from going on such dangerous expeditions. It is the

responsibility of both the guardians and local administration to ensure the safety of kids.

Barun Rai, Kamalpokhari

Well done

Congratulations to Manchester United for winning UEFA Champions League, the most coveted

title in Club Football. After beating Barcelona in the semis, Man U were odds on favourites. Chelsea, while promising so much throughout the season, have had to settle for nothing. Whatever the final outcome, we have a great 2008-09 season to look forward to.

Pranab Mainali, via e-mail