It is not feasible

The Private and Boarding Schools Organisation (PABSON) has rightly asserted that it is not feasible to run secondary schools absolutely free. As PABSON president Bhoj Bahadur Shah pointed out, in all likelihood, the government will not be able to pay salary to 150,000 secondary school teachers. Even if the government agrees to foot the bill, doling out such a large amount will be a big burden on national treasury. In this world of cut-throat competition, the education sector no exception to the rule, it is impossible to make secondary school free and produce students capable of competing at the international level at the same time.

Samrat Adhikari, Syangja


This is in reference to the news report “Free secondary education not feasible:

PABSON” (THT, May 15). Not considering the enormity of the challenge, political leaders made many promises before the CA polls to garner votes. Now, those elected must have realised what an uphill task fulfilling all those promises will be. The politicians instead of promising free education to all should instead have vowed to improve the

standard of education in government schools. The government, for its part, should focus on improving the quality of education.

Mihir Shrestha,

Ekantakuna, Lalitpur

Do it right

Apropos of the news report “Call to reserve 26 per cent seats for Janajatis” (THT, May 15), I support the demand of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities that Janajatis should have a say in constitution-making. Their inclusion will empower the Janajatis constitutionally and enable them to defend their legitimate rights as any other privileged group of the society. Nevertheless, the idea of reservation should not be extended to the level of guaranteeing anyone an unfair advantage.

Bikash Silwal, Sinamangal, Kathmandu


The Maoists’ refusal to amend the Interim Constitution regarding two-thirds majority is a sign of their greed for power, “Maoists stick to govt formation rule” (THT, May 15). If they are truly committed to the cause of democracy, there is no reason to object to the proposal for amendment. Also, the Maoists must agree to constitutional amendment if they want to form the government at the earliest.

Basanta Devkota,

Gaurighat, Kathmandu

No books

It has been weeks since the new academic session began. But students are yet to get their textbooks. Despite government promises, textbooks are nowhere to be found in the market. In their absence, schools too have not been able to conduct regular classes.

Pawan Ranabhat,

Sallaghari, Bhaktapur

Right step

This is in reference to the news report “SC fiat to criminalise excessive use of force” (THT, May 13). The Supreme Court has taken the right decision by directing government

authorities not to use excessive force while dealing with people. This will help ensure that people are not tortured.

Rekha Karki, via e-mail