Going in circles

As regards the news report “Maoists ‘positive’ on Madhes autonomy” (THT, May 12), the report does not justify the headline in that TMDP leader Sarbendra Nath Shukla, quoting his Maoist counterparts, states that “Madhes will be turned into more than one province if they [the Madhesis] so desire”. This does not differ from earlier Maoist stance of letting the residents of Madesh decide if the whole of Tarai should be declared an autonomous state. And according to the Maoists, this is impossible as most Tarai people do not favour the idea of a single state. For instance, the Tharus, the ethnic group with the biggest presence in Tarai districts, are by and large against the idea which they believe will lead to further suppression of their community at the hands of Madhesis.

The ongoing political dialogues among the 25 political parties represented in the Constituent Assembly seem to be going in circles. The only thing that has happened in their discussions so far is rephrasing of old stands in an attempt to hammer out a compromise. This approach is unlikely to succeed unless the core issues are dealt with rather than political leaders resorting to empty but attractive promises.

Sanjeev Dahal, via e-mail


My attention was drawn by the news report “Convention report sees holes in FNJ

account book” (THT, May 9). The report quotes me as saying: “I was promised

Rs 70,000 for working on a certain FNJ project, but I was paid just half.” First of all, no THT scribe contacted me. Second, if the reporter maintains that he took my quote during FNJ

convention last Saturday, I have been misquoted.

I had raised my concern that I was made to “donate” 50% of my remuneration for editing two English books but my “donation”

amounting to Rs 70,000 was not mentioned as income in the FNJ’s financial report. I had questioned the FNJ officials during the convention where my “donation” had gone. My point was that the amount should have been mentioned in the financial report as FNJ income. FNJ did pay me for my work but failed to mention my “donation” in the financial report.

Kiran Chapagain,

The Kathmandu Post

No tariff

CPN-Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai in his recent public statements said that there would not be two-tier tariff in Federal Nepal. I would say that there should be no tariff at all. Such a provision in the new constitution would remove most hindrances to the free flow of necessary supplies across the country. It would also help create a conducive environment for economic revolution that the Maoists have championed.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu


Apropos of the news report “Purna Bahadur Khadka quits NC central body” (THT, May 11), it is unwise for the leader of his stature to take such an irresponsible action. No wonder the

intra-party conflict and lack of coordination amongst party leaders contributed to Nepali Congress’ poor showing in CA polls. The party bigwigs have to work in unison to settle internal differences. Khadka’s decision would only serve to breed rancour within the party and help opponents to get an upper hand.

Amol Acharya,

Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur