A total failure

Due to activities of the Maoists, Nepal is facing a dangerous situation. People have seen the rule of Maoists and they did nothing constructive for the people. The party president and ex PM and his team have been total failures. At last, he resigned. Now the people are eager to see the performance of Madhav Nepal as the prime minister.

Ashish Nepal, Maitidevi


After a long political deadlock, the process of electing a new prime minister from the CA is complete. Madhav Kumar Nepal, a senior leader of the CPN-UML, is an experienced politician, but he will have to work in a changed context. Bringing all parties under his leadership will prove to be a test of his political ability as the UCPN-Maoist wants to play the role of an opposition.

To pull the cart of government without the Maoists is not easy. As a mediator, Nepal will have to democratize the Maoists and ask them to join the government. People are now concerned about controlling the YCL’s activities. Nepal’s first priority should be to allow freedom to people threatened by the Maoists. The peace process and the constitution-drafting will be easier only if the Maoists are democratized.

Pushpa Raj Acharya,



This is in reference to the news “Two killed in church blast” (THT,May 24.) It is horrendous to learn of the unthinkable incident in our country.Our country has an immaculate image as regards religion and faith.Not only for Hinduism but respect and due space has been also given to other religions and faiths historically.Now, of course, it is a secuar state. Therefore, we are the only country which has unique prestige, dignity, pride and reputation in this earth.

As a denizen of Nepal,I was shocked on learning of the recent blast in a church in Kathmandu.

Despite being born a Hindu, I am not a religious minded person.Yet,I have deep respect for every religion.The dastardly act to plant explosives taking the lives of two innocent people is condemnable.

The culprits cannot be pardoned. They must be found out and given the harshest of punishments.

Religious tolerance and harmony has been the hallmark of our people.Trying to blow up a place of worship should have been avoided at all costs.

I feel concerned with the events in Nepal because it is my homeland.I only hope for drastic improvement in the

law and order situation in Nepal.

Shiva Neupane,Melbourne,Australia

Transport cost

Reduced transport cost acquires major importance of developing policies to reduce international transport costs, by sea and air.

The improvement of port infrastructure by transit countries and operation by landlocked countries is only lately receiving policy attention.

Air links and freight costs are becoming important for DCs as many new supply of fresh or perishable goods to export markets are mostly tourist destinations .Air links and capacity determine the air freight capacity of the country and freight is most economically carried on passenger flights.

Like maritime policy, air policy, has in the past, been restrictive limiting competition to national carriers.

The viability of international transport services and their cost will be determined by demand. In the long run, there are no substitutes for increasing the volume of exports and the number of visits or arrivals.

The national transport policy and networks are as important as international transport. Roads are the major mode of transport in LDCs. Its development is essential for trade growth.

Poor road networks add to the cost of operating road freight services and therefore to the cost of imported inputs and exported goods.

Dr . Suman Kumar Regmi,

via e-mail


Gurkhas have been waiting very patiently for the past 200 years for this great news. But we must also look at the other side of the coin. About 99.9 percent of the Gurkhas hold Nepalese passports. At the end of the day, Gurkhas will have to submit their passports to the Home Office, UK when their visa expires.

My concern is: Does the Home office point system affect the Gurkhas and their families when they have to be renew the passports? Is it a permanent solution for the Gurkhas without any reservation?

Yam Gurung, Watford, UK