Wrong medicine

The All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union - Revolutionary (ANNISU-R) has demanded uniformity in the tuition fees between public and private schools. Most private schools will be forced to close down if their resources dry up. The government is already spending a lot in the education sector with little to show for it. Hence the focus should be on improving the quality of education in public schools and colleges. Also, instead of wasting huge sums in education sector, the government could provide poor parents with bank loans to finance their children’s education.

R. Sayami, Kathmandu

Low margin

It has been a week since the new academic session started. As per the changed curriculum, schools are required to use books published by Janak Education Material Centre (JEMC). However, due to low profit rates, the books are not available in book stalls. Book-sellers normally get about 25 per cent on books, whereas JEMC provides less than 10 per cent.

Furthermore, book-sellers are required to bear the transportation cost. JEMC should offer a satisfactory margin to its distributors and facilitate the distribution process.

Rabin Rachalica,


Cut waste

The Nepal Electricity Authority has imposed a 48-hour weekly power cut in the capital. However, the street lights in most places in the city are lit even in the daytime. The NEA should control such leakages. It is also the public’s duty to help NEA bridge the gap between supply and demand by minimising their electricity consumption.

Rebati Adhikary, Nepaltar


This is in reference to the news report “Bank guard robbed of Rs 8.55 lakh” (THT, April 21). Robberies inside bank premises have become common. It is surprising that most of these incidents take place in the presence of security guards. No less intriguing is how such

incidents can take place when most banks are equipped with high-tech security systems? This exposes the failure of the banks to make adequate security arrangements to ensure the safety of consumers and their deposits.

Shekhar KC, via e-mail


The victory in CA polls has pushed the Maoists to the forefront of Nepali politics. They are now faced with the Herculean task of drafting a constitution that guarantees inclusion of people from all communities, especially the underprivileged and downtrodden, in all government bodies. It is a great opportunity for the Maoists to prove the sceptics wrong.

Suraj Pradhan via e-mail

Hats off

With the successful conduct of the CA polls, Nepalis are at last able to heave a sigh of

relief. This has also renewed our hopes of building a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. This indeed could not have been possible without making the Maoists agree to a political settlement. Prime Minister GP Koirala has played a leading role in this task. Koirala has also been successful in conducting the historic Constituent

Assembly polls.

Ganesh Niraul, Birgunj