Bring them to book

News about the blast in the Assumption Church left me shocked. Targeting holy places like Churches and killing innocent people is unbearable. In the context of Nepal, as a secular country declared by the interim constitution 2063, everyone has the right to follow the religion of his/her faith and choice. A Church is a place where people feel most secure and relieved as it is like sitting on the lap of the God. Who would have thought that visiting the same place would lead them to such a fate and leave their kin with irreplaceable loss? Everyone has the right to put their views and demands. But can't we go through the peaceful path to make our voices heard? It's high time now that we delved into this question. Similarly, the government should bring the perpetrators to book as soon as possible.

Hari Raj Regmi,Ishaneshwor H S School,Bhorletar, Lamjung


We don't want a PM who goes for the post simply for the salary and for foreign visits.

We even don't want governments which do nothing but give long lectures. It's an energetic PM

that we prefer; one who speaks less and works more. We look for a PM who is not guided by the party, but who thinks first for the country and then for his party. As the post of a Prime Minister is for the country and countrymen,

the PM should think about the country, unlike the previous PM who resigned from greed

ignoring the country. We want a PM who goes for foreign visits, not for his entertainment and

relaxation, but for the lessons to be learnt from them. The PM should be able to give priority to the citizens' problems ignoring the political problems. He should give emphasis to problems of load shedding,

water supply, etc which affect the basic life of the people. He should be able to guide his other ministers, who spend their time in ribbon cutting activities and speeches but fail to focus on their work. We don't want the new PM to show dreams but to work and give concrete results. We want the new PM to show equal

importance to the process of drafting the constitution as well.

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar

Pay up

This is in reference of THT news that only 444 educational institutes have paid the tax. The

government is trying to make things work in favour of the citizen, but the people want to do what they want without following the rules. Since PABSON too has decided to pay the tax to the government in some form then why are not the institutes not paying? The institutes should not

act like sheep.

Pooja Lama, Bafal


The tragic bomb attack on the Assumption Church in Lalitpur on May 23 is shocking and condemnable. Nepalese around the world should come forward to condemn the heinous act of elements wanting to create disturbances in the religious harmony that has long existed in Nepal for centuries. Being a Nepali citizen and a

Hindu religious activist, I am deeply concerned about the criminal attempt.

I wish for peace to the departed souls and speedy recovery of those injured in the explosion. And, religious devotees need to be alert about the motive directed at fomenting anarchic situation in the country through means of religious confrontations. The government has to step up security to stem violence and ensure law and

order in the country. Yubaraj Sitoula, Los Angeles, US


Apropos of the news report "Two killed in church blast", (THT, May 24),this is the first known

attack on the church in the history of Nepal. Though the Christian community have suffered persecution and exploitation from the government and society, what happened in the Assumption Church has shocked the entire Christian community and me too. We thought that after Nepal was declared a secular country we would get relief from various kinds of persecution, but, instead of eliminating them they are growing which is very unfortunate for this country. Those who are trying to drag this

country away from secularism should understand that this is a country of different religions. Nepal Defence Army is fighting for a Hindu state. Do they want to kill innocent people? We Christian believe in religious

tolerance because Jesus Christ teaches us the lesson of love and forgiveness. I pray for the

bereaved families so that they may overcome their grief.

David Kainee, Attariya, Kailali