Lady on defence

Apropos of the news ‘Pandey gets finance, Bhandari defence’ (THT, May 26), it’s a real victory for Vidya Bhandari to be appointed Defence Minister. Being a woman, I support and wish her by heart that she will

successfully accomplish her responsibilities. I take this as a historical move as she has become the first lady Defence Minister of Nepal. As has been said in the news, some decisions related to the Defence Ministry. Therefore, she must focus her efforts on the peace process; maintain law and order and help the government complete its term till the statute drafting process is accomplished.

Ranju Shrestha, via e-mail


The recently confirmed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Honorable Min Bahadur Rayamajhi, seems to have been making right statements about the corruption in the judiciary and also issuing warning to those judges who seem to be indulging in corrupt practices. His initiative in installing a separate unit within the Supreme Court to monitor whether its judgments have been implemented or not is commendable. Non-compliance with, and non-implementation of the Supreme Court’s rulings remains a serious problem, especially when the Court itself does not spell out clearly which unit within the government should take the responsibility for their implementation.

Adarsha Tuladhar, via e-mail

Stop them

Even when the Maoists were in the Government, their terrorist acts were on. So how can we expect them to stop such activities when they are out of Government! The new Government will obviously face problems from the Maoists. Those who are not allowing the drafting of the Constituent are talking about People’s Supremacy!

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar


I am angered with the fact that a cowardly outfit that calls itself Nepal Defense Army is actually using “Nepal” as their group’s name and taking “ Hinduism” as their cause for such a deplorable act of bombing the Church of the Assumption in Dhobighat. Being cowards, I am sure they are taking immense pride in being “successful” in murdering a tenth grader and a 30 year old lady who was married for only three months and injuring scores of other people. I sincerely hope the new PM will take immediate steps and also instruct the would be Home Minister and the security chiefs to act promptly to stop such terrorist groups from further trying to disrupt the religious harmony in Nepal.

Bijay Rai, via e-mail


With reference to the news “Food inspectors eat own words “(THT, May 25),I think the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC) is either kidding or splashing dirt on people’s faces, trying to convince them not to use oil products, first telling about the harmful chemicals they contain, whereas now they are taking their words back and trying to convince people that they can use such products without any hesitation. So I want to request DFTQC to convey the messages to the people only after thorough


Kishor Thapa, Malpi, Panauti


It is a pleasure to read about Vidya Bhandari’s nomination as the first woman Defence Minister of Nepal. It is a pride and honour for all Nepalese women. Now, it’s a great opportunity for her to prove herself as a successful woman in a male dominated society and play a decisive role in the peace process. I hope Mrs. Bhandari will work to solve the issues related to the NA and PLA combatants.

Dilesh Aryal, via e-mail


This is in reference to the editorial “Make it work”, news reports “Thorns in Nepal’s new coalition flesh”, and “Nepal swearing-in today”, (THT, May 25). Although M. K. Nepal has won the PM election unopposed at a very critical stage of political instability, he has to prove his shrewdness and long-time political experience while he was in the previous government as well as party chairperson. He should not forget that he had lost the election of CA from two constituencies and must learn a lesson from his past defeats and take this opportunity to turn defeat into victory— through performance.

Sanjay Shrestha, via e-mail