Perennial problem

It is an irony that though Nepal is one of the richest countries in terms of water resources, water supply in the capital has remained a perennial problem. It is understandable that the government has not been able to ensure a steady supply of petroleum products and other basic necessaries for various reasons, but there is no excuse for its inability to ensure water supply. While the people are already grappling with the ever-rising prices of daily necessaries, having to spend huge amounts of money to buy water has added to their financial burden.

Discontinuation of water supply hampers the daily lives of the common people.

Ankita Upadhyay,

Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Keep it up

Management of street dogs in the capital was one of the major problems. However, on my return to the capital after three months, I was amazed to see that the number of street dogs in the capital had declined.

Moreover, I do not find a single street dog in my area anymore. I believe that this is the result of the good effort made by the Kathmandu Animal Trust (KAT).

R K Dulal, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu


This refers to the news report “CA poll deferral demand wrecked talks” (THT, Feb 26). It is another moment of disappointment for Nepalis that the United Madhesi Democratic Front’s insistence on their demands has further complicated the peace process. I believe that UMDF’s unreasonable demands, including the one for poll postponement, will only serve to thwart the continuing peace process rather than address the genuine grievances of the Tarai people. Furthermore, the UMDF can claim to be the real representative only when its leaders get elected in the CA polls.

Suman Basnyat, via e-mail


Life in the Tarai has been paralysed for two weeks due to continued Tarai agitation. Now that most of the parties are ready to contest the elections, the United Madhesi Democratic Front (UMDF) should not create hurdles by making unreasonable demands on the government. The

demand for the deferral of the polls will not only delay the peace process but also provide the regressive elements time to plot against the election. It would be wise for both the sides to come to an understanding so that CA polls are held on the scheduled date.

Dwaipayan Regmi,


Take stock

Ever since the restoration of democracy in 1990, political leaders have hardly paid

attention to the problems of the common people. In a democracy people have the right to make their legitimate demands, and the government should address them. However, the political parties never bothered to address pressing concerns of the public, which has led to the present state of unrest in the country. While the Madhesh agitation has been continuing for two weeks , the government has neither been able to persuade the agitators nor has it been able to maintain law and order situation in the country. The government should take immediate steps to contain violence in the Tarai before the situation gets out of hand.

Bashanta Paudyal,

via e-mail