Democratic freedoms

This refers to the news report “Walkathon, high drama till wee hours” (THT, Feb 25). The marathon talks between the government and the joint front of the three Tarai-based parties was inconclusive due to lack of goodwill between the leaders of both sides. I

believe the Tarai agitation is not aimed at making the lives of the common people miserable, and those demands that are legitimate should be properly addressed. The Tarai outfits reserve the right to make reasonable demands, but have no right to jeopardise the upcoming CA polls and prevent Nepalis from exercising their democratic freedoms.

N B Katuwal, Kathmandu

Mend ways

Apropos of the news report “Students turn vandals, seek reduced fare” (THT, Feb 25). Apparently, students resorted to violent methods to express their anger against transport

entrepreneurs. However, hike in transport fares is only one among the plethora of grudges that students hold against the government. The government needs to ensure the supply of petroleum products and other basic necessaries immediately.

Arjun Karki, Sinamangal, Kathmandu


The 238-old institution of monarchy for the first time in the history of Nepal will be put to vote through the CA polls. Indeed, the CA polls would help resolve many contentious political issues and help restructure the political system of the country. However, I believe monarchy still remains a symbol of our national unity and therefore needs to be preserved.

Pradipta Shrestha,

via e-mail


The demand of the agitating Tarai outfits for an autonomous Madhes and right to self-determination is unacceptable as it is against the interests of Nepalis at large. The SPA government should not make any compromise that poses a threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. The agitating outfits in the Tarai must realise that federal provinces with extensive decentralised powers would provide a better solution than regional autonomy .

Ramesh Bahadur Shrestha, Lalitpur

Don’t give in

The government should not yield to pressure from the agitating Madhesi outfits, as the parties do not represent the interests of the original inhabitants of the Tarai. Conceding to their demands for an autonomous Madhes region would lead the country towards

disintegration and sow the seeds of communal hatred throughout the country. The aspirations of all these communities cannot be properly addressed unless a new constitution is framed through the CA.

Prajwal Rijal, Pokhariya, Biratnagar


It is appreciable that women in Doti have declared most of the villages in the district alcohol-free zones. This I believe has helped reduce alcohol consumption in the district to a large extent and prevented the death of hundreds of people. The local authorities and the government must support such campaigns, so that people in other districts follow suit.

Khum Magar, via e-mail