Making a difference

This is in reference to the news report, “Pharmacists selling banned drugs with impunity” (THT, Feb. 1). We appreciate the fact that THT did a great job by shedding light on malpractices rampant in drug stores in the capital and other cities. However, we strongly

disapprove of the use of the term ‘pharmacist’ especially in the headline as there is only one pharmacy in the capital run by licensed pharmacists.

The selling of banned drugs with impunity in various stores as disclosed by the random inspection made by the Department of the Drug Administration is definitely not pharmacists’ doing, as all the pharmacies are not being run by licensed pharmacists. Pharmacies run by non-pharmacists and chemists are to be blamed for such malpractices.

Professional pharmacists with specialised knowledge of drugs are deeply hurt by the wrong impression that the report has given. We hope such mistakes are not repeated in the future.

Sony Chandi Shrestha,

President, Forum for

Pharmacy (FoP),

Kathmandu University


Hanumandhoka Durbar Square is a world heritage site and the centre of attraction in the Kathmandu Valley. While it mirrors unique Nepali art and culture it is also one of the most popular tourist hang-outs. However, Kathmandu Metropolitan authorities do not seem much concerned to preserve the historical monuments and temples in the area. Moreover, the tranquil and pleasant environment of the area is ruined by vehicles being allowed to ply in the square premises. The authorities should strictly prohibit vehicles from entering the Durbar Square area so that it retains its original splendour and attracts a large number

of tourists.

Subash Dhakal, via e-mail

Correct view

This refers to the letter “Unite” by Ankita Upadhyaya (THT, Feb. 6). I strongly support the writer’s view that the political parties should set aside their differences and create an

atmosphere conducive to the CA polls. As the entire nation has been waiting for peace to be established, it is the responsibility of the leaders to join hands to make the CA polls a success. The political parties in the Tarai should understand too that their demands can only be met if polls are held. Only a new constitution framed by the constituent assembly can guarantee the rights of all.

Shiva Neupane,

Melbourne, Australia

Eat crow

Kagbeni probably is the most-hyped Nepali movie and the publicity it received even before its release created high expectations among the audience. Movie-makers even trumpeted that the digital format and outstanding performances of the actors would help the movie receive

unprecedented acclaim. Critics at home claimed that the movie could compete

internationally. Being a film-buff myself, I couldn’t resist myself from watching my first Nepali movie ever. Sadly, the movie didn’t turn out to be the masterpiece that it was claimed to be. In fact, I was left with a strong feeling of de ja vu that I had experienced many times earlier when I watched several of the Bollywood masala movies. Not only the script but other aspects of the movie could have been improved.

Dev Raj Adhikary, Nepaltar