Publicity stunt

It was an extremely irresponsible act on the part of Matrika Yadav to make an issue of the language of his swearing in at the 11th hour. A prominent Maoist leader, Yadav has probably sent a wrong signal to the Madhesi population at a time when the political situation in the country is extremely volatile. Yadav’s decision to raise the issue of “matribhasha” at the

national level is hence unwise. Let us hope that government representatives of other ethnic and regional groups do not follow suit and create unnecessary trouble for the government.

Rachana Chettri and Rajita Dhungana, Kathmandu


This is in response to your news report “Bike modification craze can kill you” (THT, Dec 28). A teenage biker myself, I cannot deny the fact that excessive modifications to bikes make the ride risky. But you have presented only one side of the coin by implying that it is just the

modifications that are responsible for road accidents involving bikes. Inefficient implementation of road rules, the reluctance of traffic police to impose driving standards and the negligence of pedestrians are equally blameworthy. Why not do stories about them as well?

Ayush Dhaubanjar, via e-mail


The tragic assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto has left a void in Pakistani politics. The Pakistani government’s reluctance to form a probe panel to look into Bhutto’s death only fuels suspicions about the Musharraf government. A big question mark now looms over whether a free and fair election can be held in Pakistan.

Aashika Pokharel, via e-mail


This is in response to the news report “3 killed, 57 hurt in Nuwakot bus mishap”, (THT, Jan 6). It was shocking to learn that the carelessness of a driver led to the tragic death of students and teachers. The drivers of public vehicles areoften found driving under the influence of alcohol. In foreign countries, such acts of carelessness are severely punished. The government should formulate strict regulations to prevent the drivers from drinking beyond a certain limit.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia

Lost aura

The Durbar Squares of the Kathmandu Valley, among other cultural monuments of our country, are major tourist attractions. Most recently, however, these places have been used for musical concerts and political events that have spoilt their cultural aura.

The authorities should only permit religious and cultural events in such places of

historic importance.

Palpasa Shrestha, Kathmandu


The second Test match between India and Australia in Sydney was a charade owing to arbitrary umpiring decisions of Steve Bucknor and Mark Benson. Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly were clearly not out. On the other hand, Australian player Andrew Symonds was

clearly out several times but not given out by the umpires. The ICC should take action against the umpires for being biased.

Sanjeev Giri, via e-mail