Walking the talk

This is in reference to the news report “Amendment may be silent on monarchy” (THT, Dec 18). The taskforce of the seven-party alliance (SPA) has made a recommendation to their top leadership that it is not necessary to mention anything about the king and institution of monarchy while making the declaration of republic. If the top leadership of the major political parties in the SPAapproves it, it would pave the way for free and fair Constituent Assembly (CA) polls.

However, once the political parties reach an agreement and fix the poll date, they should stick to the agreement and do everything in their capacity to see to it that the election is held on schedule. No lasting solution of the ongoing political crisis will emerge unless free and fair polls are held and major issues settled through the first meeting of the constituent assembly.

The parties shouldn’t discredit themselves by wrangling over petty issues and putting off the polls yet again.

Manit Deokota, Ratopul, Kathmandu


This refers to the news report “Nepal to have cultural policy soon: Minister” (THT, Dec. 18). At

a time when there has been next to no government effort to conserve our cultural heritage, Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung’s commitment that the ministry would formulate a cultural policy is refreshing news. A good policy, which will guide the overall development and

conservation, especially of those monuments that are in a state of absolute neglect, will definitely help us preserve our cultural heritage. Furthermore, Nepal’s cultural heritage

has been one of the major attractions for tourists coming here from different parts of the globe. It is commendable that the government is planning to formulate a policy that aims to preserve our national treasures.

Swekchya Dahal, Sukhhedhara, Kathmandu


Apropos of the news report “Prachanda eyeing tie-up with nationalists” (THT, Dec.18), his remarks that the peace process has gained momentum and the comprehensive peace

agreement is on track sounds absurd. Furthermore, the Maoist chairman sounds dubious in his intent to participate in the CA polls as he says he would opt for CA polls only if he reached an understanding with the nationalist, pro-change and pro-republican forces. It was the Maoists’ inflexibility on certain issues that have led to the postponment of polls. Since common Nepalis want peace and stability, no political party can justifiably withdraw from polls on any pretext.

Anjali Sharma, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

IT page

Though I am not the first person to make this suggestion in the “Letters” column, I would again like to suggest that you add a page on science and technology for students of IT like me. It need not be a daily fare.

Instead, why not publish a page on IT on a weekly basis — similar to your “Health Times” published every Tuesday? I am sure there will be plenty of readers of the IT page. I think such a page will be highly popular among people in the field of information and technology.

Sagun Baral, Kathmandu