No longer the leader

Apropos of the news report “Act on proposals or quit, Bhattarai tells PM” (THT, Nov. 19), I find Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai’s finger pointing at Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala not without some justification. Nobody should forget that Koirala was elected PM with the backing of CPN-Maoist (among other political parties).

The Koirala-led government, in turn, promised to hold the constituent assembly polls ‘on time’. After the deferral of polls twice, we now have a clear idea of Koirala’s commitment to keep the poll schedule. What justification does he now have to cling on to his chair?

Any ordinary citizen knows that the present government leadership is totally incompetent and has no right whatsoever to remain in power any longer. If Koirala is no longer able to enjoy either the political support or the moral standing that propelled him to such heights following Jana Andolan II, he has no right to remain in power. It’s about time the octogenarian leader left politics, also taking into account his poor health.

Suman Dahal, Ghattekulo

Out of bag

This is in reference to the news report “Dealers say gas shortage affecting commoners only” (THT, Nov. 18). The cat is finally out of the bag. People had a nagging suspicion that this was an artificial shortage created by greedy gas dealers and their collaborators in the establishment. The suspicion was not entirely misplaced.

The Nepal Gas Dealers’ Association (NGDA) saying that it cannot break its “contracts” with “star hotels” even while the commoners are unable to cook their meals is a clear sign of greed and insensitivity to the needs of the common people. As an old saying goes: All people are equal. But some are more equal than others.

Rewant Regmi, Arghakhanchi

Too much

The British embassy in Kathmandu issues settlement visas for the United Kingdom. However enticing the settlement visa may sound, the huge application fee discourages people from applying. Isn’t it outrageous that the application fee itself is Rs 67,500 (around GBP 500)? Such high fees clearly manifest the embassy’s reluctance to accept many applications and welcome more people into the UK even if they meet all the criteria. Moreover, the embassy charges the full amount even if it rejects a visa application.

Khagendra Situala, via e-mail


THT is undoubtedly the leading English daily in Nepal. But still you could make it even better. First of all, I would like to see the cartoons on the international page back again. They provided a much-needed diversion in a page otherwise filled with news of killings and

bombings all around the world.

The cartoons helped make people’s minds fresh before they ran their eyes down the news columns.

As I visit your website frequently, I would also urge you to revamp the site. You could put in more features and change the design of the site too. This would further improve THT. You have already been doing a great job.

Keep it up.

Ram K Khadka, via e-mail