Election the best bet yet

This is in reference to the news report “Legal eagles, lawmakers want urgent amendment to statute” (THT, Nov. 14). The recent parliamentary directives to the government have made it necessary to amend a few provisions in the Interim Constitution. However, the parliament would have to take many other undemocratic decisions to implement the proposals which were passed during the special session of the legislature-parliament. It would be in the best interest of the Nepali people if the government instead announced the date for the CA polls immediately.

Chiranjivi Lamichane, Khairepati, Bhaktapur

Greedy cabs

Apropos of the news report “Taxi meters in fast forward, rake-in-moolah mode” (THT, Nov. 14), the taxi drivers have been charging exorbitant fares, especially during the festive season. The shortage of petrol has made things worse. Over 75 per cent of the taxis in the capital have been found with tampered meters. The government should see to it that taxi meters are properly sealed by the Nepal Bureau of Standards, and it should take strict action against those who overcharge passengers.

Basanta Devkota,

Dhobighat, Kathmandu


This refers to the news report “Maoists firm on early republic, says Bhattarai” (THT, Nov. 14). Baburam Bhattarai’s remark once again suggests the Maoists’ apprehension over the

possible outcome of the CA polls. The Election Commission has already expressed its readiness to conduct the polls, if the government announces a poll date. If the Maoists are ready to accept the result of the CA polls, there is no reason why they should demand a republic immediately. If all the political parties in the SPA respect the sovereignty of the Nepali people they should leave the decision on republicanism to the people.

Amol Acharya,

Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur

Why mute?

Frequent attacks on the media have proved that the Maoists are against the freedom of the press.

Surprisingly, however, the party bigwigs have always succeeded in ducking the blame. While the Maoist affiliated trade union vandalised the office of Kantipur publications, the senior leaders of the party put the entire blame on certain elements who were trying to mar the party’s image. However, they could not deny that the killers of Birendra Shah were none other than their own cadres. This shows that the Maoists have not given up the

politics of violence completely. Sadly, the government seems unable to take any action against the guilty.

Dwaipayan Regmi,


Road deaths

This refers to the news report “Two killed, 62 hurt in separate mishaps” (THT, Nov. 14). Accidents have become quite common in Nepal, causing the death of many people.

Most of these accidents happen because of the carelessness of drivers, while others take place because of the poor condition of the roads. The authorities should take immediate

measures to prevent road accidents and the unnecessary loss of lives.

Shiva Neupane,

Melbourne, Australia