Limber up, comrades

This is in reference to the letter “Politics not end in itself” (THT, Oct. 23). I totally agree with the writer’s view that the political parties should adhere to democratic principles and not view

politics as the ultimate end. The Maoists, who have yet to show democratic behaviour fully, should learn to see that politics is, first and foremost, a means to ensure the welfare of

common people.

Therefore, they should give up their intransigence and respect the aspirations of the people expressed in the April movement. Their demands for a totally proportional electoral

system and immediate declaration of republic have been major obstacles to the peace process. The Maoists should adopt a more liberal stance and end the impasse, which is leading the country nowhere.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia


This refers to the news report “Leopard mauls 5 in Maligaun” (THT, Oct. 24). It is shocking to learn that a wild beast walks freely in the capital. But even more surprising is the fact that the animal was shot dead instead of being safely captured. At a time when billions of dollars are being spent worldwide for the protection and conservation of wildlife, the incident reflects the

indifference of the authorities.

Though the report states that tranquilisers were first used to bring the beast under control, the failure to tame the beast is evidence that zoo officials are not skilled and trained enough to handle such a situation. The government has to take this incident seriously to avoid similar mistakes in future.

Shashi Dhungel,

Department of Forestry, Southern Illinois University, USA

Train them

Apropos of the news report “Leopard mauls 5 in Maligaun” (THT, Oct. 24), it is unfortunate that a leopard had to be shot dead instead of being captured and taken to its natural habitat. The officials could have taken measures to capture it safely instead of shooting it to death. It is evident that the zoo officials were ignorant about the exact amount of tranquilisers to be injected, which could have brought the beast under control.

The zoo officials need proper training to deal with such situations in the future.

Pushkar, via e-mail

No better

The squabbling between the major parties has led to the deferral of the CA polls for the second time.

Irresponsibility seems to have gripped political leaders like a chronic disease. The monarchy, which was believed to have been obsolete, especially after Jana Andolan II, appears to be raising its ugly head once again, while the criminal outfits in the Tarai are growing in number.

The inability of Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala to run the country is manifest to one and

all. What is remarkable is the tolerance of the common Nepalis who risked their lives fighting

the erstwhile autocratic regime. The people have now come to realise that the new ‘loktantrik’

government is no better than its royal predecessor in dealing with the people’s important day-to-day problems.

Guru Dristi, Narayangadh