Holistic medicine

Nepalis’ yearning for healthy lifestyle was shown by the massive turnout at Swami Ramdev’s six-day yoga camp at Tundikhel. The training came as a boon for many participants, especially those from far-flung areas who couldn’t afford expensive healthcare services. Ramdev’s yoga has done wonders and cured patients where other methods of treatment failed.

However, Ramdev’s training package should be made available not only in cities, but also rural villages.

Moreover, the ayurveda programme of Ramdev’s main associate, should also be taken seriously by the Ministry of Health, research institutes and medical schools. The development of holistic curricula, combining medical science with the science of yoga, pranayam and ayurveda should be emphasised. A collaborative research, taking into account the umpteen benefits of Ramdev’s teachings, between the Nepal Medical Council and the Ministry of Health could go a long way in providing health care services to common Nepalis at an affordable price.

Rani Gurung Kakshapati, via e-mail

Rural focus

The Himalayan Times has been consistent in providing its readers with the right dose of information on all vital issues. I would especially like to thank THT for publishing the

supplement “Money Matters” (THT, Sept. 27), which I found enlightening. I believe that supplements that enlighten people about the economic activities are of special importance,

particularly as the country is going through a period of economic downturn.

However, I would also suggest that THT, apart from focusing on urban banks and financial institutions, should also give due attention to economic activities in rural areas, information about which is equally important.

Bhabindra Ghimire, via e-mail


Apropos of the news report “Kishunji severs ties, GPK vows to keep him bonded” (THT, Sept. 26), it is a very prudent move on the part of the founding member of the Nepali Congress Krishna Prasad Bhattarai to disassociate himself from the party. Firstly, he is too old to make any significant contribution to the party. Secondly, his loyalty towards monarchy would strip him of the love and respect that he has been getting until now for his contribution to Nepali politics. Bhattarai can be proud that he has been a leading freedom fighter throughout his life.

Sudesh Acharya, Kathmandu

Wise step

With reference to the news report “Banks compete in innovation” (THT, Sept. 26), it was great to know that the Nepal Investment Bank has been adopting innovative banking practices keeping in mind the convenience of its customers. Especially, when most of the commercial banks in the country charge a high deposit to open an account, the introduction of its recent provision which allows customers to open a bank account for Re. 1 deserves appreciation.

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail


In the letter “THT Online” (THT, Sept. 27), the writer meant that it would be better to keep all the THT pages in a single PDF file, instead of separate ones, to make browsing easier. Any inconvenience is regretted. — Ed.