Maoist intent manifest

This is in reference to the news report “Maoists unveil protests starting mid-September” (THT, August 21). It is deplorable that the Maoists have announced a new wave of protest programmes immediately following Election Commission’s publication of a schedule for the upcoming CA polls. This is a clear indication of the Maoist reluctance to participate in the CA polls. It also shows their intent to disrupt the polls.

Under no circumstances can the country be declared a republic before the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly, which has the sole authority to decide on such a vital issue. Announcing a republic before the CA polls would be against democratic norms as the decision would be an arbitrary one.

The EC has announced that the polls would be conducted on the basis of proportional representation and first-past-the-post system. So there is no question of marginalised and backward communities not being represented in the constitution-making body.

Manit Devkota, Ratopul


Apropos of the news report “No headway in govt-MJF talks” (THT, August 21), the MJF leaders, rather than facilitating talks with the government, seem to be making them more

complicated. The demand of the MJF leaders for a federal state with the right to

autonomy and self-determination before the constituent assembly polls is unjustifiable.

Restructuring of the state is only possible after the elections. Any decision made prior to the formation of the constituent assembly would be illegitimate.

Srijana Ghimire, Balkhu

Both ways

With reference to the news report “Lacklustre start to special traffic campaign” (THT, August 20), it is good news that the Traffic Police are conducting a month-long campaign to raise awareness about traffic rules in the Valley. However, traffic problems in the capital are getting worse, partly because of public reluctance to follow the traffic rules and mainly due to the government’s indifference to the underlying issues. Reckless drivers and irresponsible pedestrians have been the major causes of accidents. The government should take immediate measures to solve traffic problems but the public should also understand its duties.

Manoj Thapa, via- email

Indo-US deal

This is in reference to the Edit page article “Dubious Deal” (THT, August 21). The United States’ stance vis-à-vis India on the nuclear deal which was concluded last month seems far more lenient than it has been with other countries that are not signatories to the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. The rationale the US has given for the deal — that India is the world’s largest democracy, a crucial American ally and has not peddled its nuclear weapons abroad — is not enough to justify the deal which allows India to purchase nuclear fuel and technology. The deal could have been made better by establishing less permissive criteria including strict nuclear export controls and transparency in India’s nuclear programmes.

The nuclear pact is against accepted international norms and likely to further undermine the effectiveness of the test ban treaty.

SP Pandey, Gongabu,