Evils of quotas

The building of a new Nepal as envisaged by our political leaders is the desire and aspiration of all Nepalis irrespective of their class, caste and creed. However, though the concept of

inclusion of the underprivileged and other disadvantaged groups in the governance of the state is a good idea, giving them employment on the same basis is against democratic norms. In fact, many organisations, especially NGOs and INGOs, on the pretext of empowering the disadvantaged groups, are recruiting incompetent staff while depriving the

competent ones of the opportunities they deserve.

Candidates for senior positions are hired on the basis of regional background, gender and ethnicity. This practice goes against the principle of non-discrimination that these organisations

advocate. While this makes the disadvantaged groups dependent on quotas and reservations, the practice also promotes prejudice on the same ground. Moreover, it gives political elements the opportunity to play around in the internal affairs of an organisation on the pretext of empowering the disadvantaged groups. It is not fair for international organisations like the UN to claim to be an equal opportunity employer on one hand and discriminate against candidates on the grounds of sex, caste and ethnicity on the other.

Stephen A Roberts, Kupondole


Artistes migrating to foreign countries in search of greener pastures is not a new phenomenon. While top-notch artistes have been doing so for a long time, less known ones are now following their example. Some of them are living illegally in countries like the United States. For instance, singer Raju and his entourage have reportedly been overstaying in the US after they entered the country for a concert. Though the details are yet to be known, it would be shameful for the country if an artiste of his stature stayed there illegally. The singer should either make his whereabouts known or return to Nepal.

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar

Wrong ways

It is frustrating that various groups with direct links to the Maoists are acting against the spirit of Jana Andolan II. The ongoing attacks on free press are shameful, especially since the Maoists claim to be strong advocates of democracy.

The disruption in the publication and distribution of THT and AP has deprived the readers of their right to information and the Maoists will have to pay for it heavily during the constituent assembly elections. These media houses deserve public support in their battle against Maoist tyranny.

Razan Thapa, Lokanthali, Bhaktapur

Hidden hand

News reports about increasing violence in the Bhutanese refugee camps, especially after the US offered the refugees resettlement, is a matter of serious concern.

It is understood that Bhutanese political leaders and their supporters have a hand in the violence. But the leaders should understand that democracy, for which they claim to be fighting, will never be attained by forcing innocent refugees to follow their diktat.

Pooja Sharma, Jhapa