ADB and Melamchi

Though leading newspapers have reported that ADB is positive on Melamchi project, the actual state of affairs remains otherwise. ADB has clearly communicated that if the government decided to scrap the agreement with Severn Trent, it would be an obvious case of ‘mis-procurement’. ADB declares mis-procurement if consultant firms are not selected in accordance with the provisions of the agreement and the procurement guidelines of ADB. In that case, ADB cannot and will not fund that project and therefore will cancel the entire loan package of management contract.

The previous government and ADB had strictly followed the lengthy process, adhering to procurement guidelines and the agreement to award the contract to Severn Trent. The present government has not been able to provide any logical reason for the rejection of Severn Trent bid, which ADB had solicited. If ADB declares this management contract as mis-procurement, there is all likelihood that ADB board will not fund the Melamchi project.

It is important to make general public aware that ADB has not agreed to fund the tunnel component of the project yet, unlike what has come out in some newspapers. As per ADB’s Melamchi agreement, the management contractor has to be in place before the tunnel contract is awarded.

Bikash Bhatta, via e-mail

Why mute?

This is in reference to the article “Surrender we’ll never” (THT, July 22). It is very upsetting that while a body affiliated with the Maoists continues its attack on free press, the

government, which includes the Maoists, is acting as a bystander. Not long ago, the autocratic King attempted to control the Nepali media. Now, the Maoists are trying to do the same. The outcome of this kind of action will not be good.

Subechhya, via e-mail

Good job

The essence of press freedom lies in its ability to keep the public informed about nothing but truth. THT has been doing a good job in disseminating unbiased news and views. It is interesting that violations of the agreement by the state get so much attention while violations of the peace pact by the Maoists go unnoticed.

Sambhu Tuladhar,

via e-mail


The attack on free press by a Maoist-affiliated body is an example of sheer hooliganism. It is well understood that the cycle boys who staged strike to hinder the distribution of THT and Annapurna Post are mere pawns in the hands of those who want to foment violence. The government should stop such acts immediately.

Moon, Via e-mail

Much ado

While the leaders are making great fuss about the upcoming constituent assembly elections, the VDC secretaries posted in districts are being forced to return to the capital. If the government cannot guarantee the safety of VDC secretaries, it’s quite unlikely that the government can guarantee the same to voters. If the government does not address the crisis in Tarai soon, the CA polls will remain a distant dream.

Bal Krishna Ghimire, Ghansakhola, Arghakhanchi