Mahat gets it right

The budget for 2007-08 is as per the objectives and spirit of Jana Andolan II. The

budget seems to have focused on the concerns of the general people. The government’s priority to education sector and appropriate allocations for the CA polls are right. It would have been even better if the government had allocated more money for those injured during Jana Andolan II. On the whole, the budget is quite satisfactory. Now, sincere efforts should be made to implement it.

Abijit Sharma, Dhapasi

Action, sir

During his budget speech, finance minister Dr Ram Saran Mahat once again spoke about zero-tolerance for corruption. Talk is cheap. It is no secret that the ministry harbours some of the biggest crooks in Nepal. If he so wishes, he can expose them in the next 24 hours. It is time for concrete action rather than empty words.

Ramesh B Shrestha, Agricultural engineer, Lalitpur


First of all, I would like to congratulate all the students who passed SLC this year. But are the SLC results an accurate reflection of their true potential? First of all, there is no consistency in marking answer sheets, which can be checked by teachers of different qualifications and

experiences. It seems good results in SLC exams depend as much on luck as on hard work and intelligence.

It has been found from time to time that good students get low marks while average ones score high. The marks also depend upon the mood of the examiners.

The most interesting fact is that such inconsistencies can also be seen in the evaluation of highly objective subjects like Mathematics and Science.

In such a situation, deserving students are often deprived of good marks. Hence there is a

drastic need to overhaul the whole marking process.

Prabal Pradhan, via e-mail


The quality of write-ups in the ‘Midway’ column is improving. Earlier, you published a lot of childish stuff that did not go well with the Editorial Page, which is the soul of any newspaper. I suggest articles heavily dependent on quotes of other people be avoided. Some other things should also be avoided, such as hackneyed topics like “My school days” and other very personal issues.

They should be given space in the School Times supplement.

Guru Dristi, Narayangadh


The information given on the second page of your supplement “Prospects: A special supplement on +2 colleges” (THT, July 16) relates to Xavier International College. But the accompanying photograph is of St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

Xavier International College, Kalopul, and St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, are two different colleges. Sadly, many such mistakes have happened in recent times. Even a wrong photo or caption can damage the reputation of a newspaper. The emphasis should be on providing the ‘right news’ rather than filling up the pages.

Basanta Raj Onta, Samakhushi