Blame game must end

Maoist minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara has blamed Prime Minister Koirala for the failure to hold CA polls in June and the government’s inability to address issues of general concern, “Mahara blames PM for ‘failures’” (THT, July 12). This demonstrates sheer irresponsibility of the Maoists. If they are so dissatisfied with the government, why don’t

they quit?

Instead of blaming others, the Maoists should learn to accept their own shortcomings. Merely

organising press conferences to blame others will not absolve the Maoists of their failings. All political parties should stop blaming one another and focus on serving the people. The Nepalis deserve better treatment than what the present government is giving them.

Sunil Sharma, Teku

It’s sad

It was shocking to read that PM Koirala didn’t have the time to go to Parliament on July 11, when the government’s Policy Paper 2007-08 was to be passed. The shock doubled when one learnt that he went to inaugurate the newly-constructed building of the US embassy. This shows the PM’s priorities. Sadly, our leaders tend to give more importance to foreign ambassadors than to the Nepalis.

Apin Maharjan, via e-mail


Ex-prime minister Surya Bahadur Thapa’s assertion that the rationale for the EPA has ended is irresponsible. What alternative is there to the EPA? Can’t Thapa see the historic changes that have taken place after Jana Andolan II? Separately, a ‘senior leader of the ruling alliance’ should have been clearer about ‘something’ the King is planning, “Thapa says EPA has no right to rule” (THT, July 11).

Raj Babu Koirala, via e-mail

Other things

I disagree with Dwaipayan Regmi’s letter “Wrong focus” (THT, July 9). When it comes to choosing higher secondary schools (or colleges), education should not be the only priority. One also has to think about other facilities. Sport is a great way to keep the mind fresh and the body fit. Without a fit body, it is very difficult to have a fit mind, and hence the importance of a playground. On top of that, education is the top priority of higher secondary schools in Nepal. I doubt that any educational institution will take the trouble of developing infrastructure like playground and canteen while they have a weak educational base.

Moreover, textbook knowledge is not the only requirement for a student’s better future. Besides, extra-curricular activities are equally important when it comes to getting admission in top universities around the world. It will be unwise to ignore other potentialities of the students.

Sam Smith, St. Xavier’s College

Bitter truth

All ex-Gurkhas are deeply disappointed by the British embassy’s denial of review ordered by British PM Gordon Brown, “Embassy denies Brown ordered review of Gurkha cases” (THT, July 12). It is sad that a trusted newspaper like THT should publish news reports only on the basis of hearsay. No one has the right to play with the sentiments of Gurkha veterans and families.

Ex-Gurkha Lt. Keshab P Gurung, via e-mail