Temporary solution

The fuel crisis that had resulted from the transport entrepreneurs’ strike has ended with the lifting of the strike on Tuesday. Yet Nepalis should exercise caution before they start celebrating just yet. The real issue is the standoff between the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) and the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) concerning the payment of outstanding dues. In the long run, the only solution can be timely payment of dues that NOC owes to IOC.

I find it surprising that many people are blaming the Indian government for its lack of involvement in helping mitigate the oil crisis. First of all, we need to understand that this is

purely a business matter between NOC and IOC. The NOC cannot expect the IOC to keep providing it with oil without payment. Moreover, Nepal has no option but to foot its bills for essential commodities like petro-products. Always extending a begging bowl before the rest of the world will foster a dependency syndrome among Nepalis. It will also diminish the

country’s international image.

Jenith Subba, via e-mail


I have noticed mobile phone users throw away their re-charge cards wherever they like. As the re-charge cards of Nepal Telecom and Spice Nepal are not biodegradable, their

haphazard disposal is polluting the country. It would be better if the re-charge could be done without new re-charge cards. If this is not possible, the cards should be made biodegradable.

Dipesh Rupakheti and Chhabi Raman Neupane, SchEMS Kudos For his bravery during the Second World War, Tul Bahadur Pun is going to be the first Nepali to receive a guard of honour from the British government. He showed his bravery with the British Gurkha regiment. This is a matter of pride for the whole nation, despite the fact that Pun was recruited into a foreign army.

Amit Gautam, via e-mail


Your front-page news report “Complaint against NTV GM at CIAA” (THT, July 2) has drawn my attention. I was shocked that a newspaper known to take its journalism seriously would publish such a one-sided story without consulting all the parties involved. As far as the process of appointment of permanent staff at NTV is concerned, contrary to what your report suggests, there were no “irregularities”.

Madan Kumar Sharma, General Manager, Nepal Television

Boring show

After their battering at the hands of the Indians, the Bangladeshis are now receiving similar treatment from the Sri Lankans.

On Tuesday, the team could accumulate just 62 runs before being bowled out in just over a couple of hours during the second Test in Colombo.

The string of poor performances Bangladesh has put together raises serious questions about the decision of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to allow it the status of a Test-playing nation.

Rumours are rife that the ICC is considering giving more countries Test and One Day status. There is every reason to promote the game on a global scale but this does not mean that the game should be boring.

Sachin Shahi, Tinkune