PM’s right advice

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala asked the National Planning Commission (NPC) to formulate separate plans for Mountain, Hill and Tarai regions. It was a practical advice. The PM has finally realised the importance of utilising local knowledge for development. But he has done so only at the fag end of his career.

It is very tempting to look at breakneck development of countries like Singapore, Thailand, Japan, India and China. But we should not derive wrong lessons from them. In Ignited Mind,Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam, addressing Indian youth, writes: “The trapped energies and the suppressed initiative need to be freed and properly harnessed...I don’t think the American, Japanese or Singaporean solutions will work for us.

Instead of searching for answers outside we will have to look within.” This roughly translates: Unless local knowledge and resources are properly utilised, no sustainable development can take place. This holds equally true in case of Nepal.

Anirudh P Sah, Sarlahi

Bad apples

Most of the weekly newspapers in Nepal are professionally substandard. Many of the views expressed in their opinion columns and accusations made in their news reports against public officials are unsubstantiated. They do not take the trouble to verify the truth of their allegations. In this context, journalism is being used as a tool for vendetta or for personal profit.

S Pradhan, via e-mail

One voice

Apropos of the letter “Their choice” (THT, June 25) relating to third country resettlement of Bhutanese refugees, the option would be viable only if the country concerned agrees to take in all refugees. If some of them are resettled and others are left in Nepal, it will create new problems. The decision of the US to invite Bhutanese refugees is admirable. Nonetheless, we should also keep in mind the strong sense of patriotism among some refugees, who want nothing but to return home. Hence the US should encourage Nepal, India and Bhutan to talk for a political solution of the crisis. I also believe there should be a unified voice of the refugees, either for or against third country option. Conflicting remarks will further complicate matters.

Dwaipayan Regmi, via e-mail


It was ironic that the photo of students calling on the Valley residents to attend a political gathering at Basantapur was printed on the same page that bore the news of Hanumandhoka locals wanting political parties to stop organising programmes there (THT, June 25). It’s very sad that the political parties don’t seem to have realised the importance of preserving our World Heritage Sites.

Kiran Pradhan, via e-mail


Many noodle brands are claiming to be enriched with vitamins, calcium and proteins. On the other hand, they are still using MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) which, according to health

experts, could harm our bones and retard mental development. So are all those vitamins and minerals added to boost the health of consumers or to divert attention from MSG?

Apin Maharjan, via e-mail