Kathmandu’s chaotic roads:

Anyone who travels the roads of Kathmandu will agree it is total chaos, and something must be done to improve the situation. The major expenditure involved in new roads and by-passes are no doubt warranted, but there are some essential earlier steps, which would cost relatively little to implement, and would most certainly bring great benefit to all. Traffic police should get proper training to control traffic; traffic lanes should be painted white (not an expensive exercise); specific areas should be designated for the parking of taxis, mini-buses, larger buses, trucks and private cars; and more traffic lights need to be installed at busy intersections. More importantly, there should be legislation to enable enforcement of all the above suggestions. The ministry concerned needs to tackle the current road chaos head-on for which it will need careful planning and administration. The sooner the planning starts, the sooner the situation can begin to improve.

Tony Callow, via e-mail

Deep wounds:

The Maoist leaders in Tulsipur, Dang, on Sunday got a taste of their own medicine when displaced people poured their ire on their former oppressors. The Maoists now have to undo what they did during the decade-long insurgency — by rehabilitating the displaced. But problems are also likely to arise in the process of returning the property on a number of occasions, for instance, when the land has been distributed to the tenants or the landless. These are some of the tricky questions that need to be answered properly. The excesses committed by the Maoists in the past have not been forgotten by those who were hit hard. Deep wounds do not heal easily.

Arun Sijapati, via e-mail

Real test:

The Maoist leaders must realise that their participation in the government will be felt only when both corruption and the corrupt are wiped out from all government bodies and not just in the ministries they control. Hence there should be a provision for the review of actions and appointments of each ministry during the cabinet meetings. Moreover, the Maoists should demand that all ministers make public their property details. It is strange that government ministers have not thought fit to disclose their property details during the past one year of post-Jana Andolan rule.

Ramesh B Shrestha, Lalitpur

Manage them:

This refers to the news report “Ason street vendors to be evacuated today” (THT, May 6). Everybody understands the traffic problems the vendors cause in the twisting, narrow lanes of Ason. But the locals have also benefited to a certain extent from a variety of goods that street vendors sell at cheaper prices than in many other places in the capital. In my opinion, the street vendors should not be completely removed but properly managed. They should be allowed to sell their wares at fixed times during the day for which they can also be taxed by the municipality. The collected sum can be used to clean and light up the streets. This way, both the sides will gain.

Navaraj Lama, via e-mail