Mere populist programs?

The prices of almost every item in the market such as daily

consumer goods, food, fruits and vegetables have risen by up to 50 per cent in the past few days. It affects mostly the poor. It

encourages black marketeering. The students living in

Kathmandu far from home are more affected by rise in prices of such items. We hope the price rise will be brought under control as soon as possible. The

government has not given proper attention towards it, so the

ordinary people are dissatisfied. Rich people can survive in this situation but what about the middle and lower class people depending only on minimal

income i.e. wages, salary and so on. Finally, the government on Sunday seemed to have raided the warehouses to check the unprecedented rise in the prices of essential commodities, but I think these raids are just populist programs. The government should monitor the prices lists in various shops .All shops should be investigated and those blacklisted should be penalized. I think the main cause for this plight is political instability. So, I would also like to draw the attention of all political parties.

Naresh Bartaula, via e-mail

Save Pokhara

“Pokhara settlements risk caving in” (THT, July 29) was not only informative but also pointed that study and reseach works regarding the natural threats have not been undertaken.

Sukriti Sharma, via e-mail


I have seen the students of MBBS keeping the title Dr. during their internship duration. The concerned teaching hospitals are themselves encouraging the

students to use the title. It may be to fool the patients visiting the hospitals; otherwise the patients may not co-operate with the internee and demand the doctor to check them. The title can be used only after graduation, which is only after the

completion of internship under the guidance of professionals. So, the Nepal Medical Council (NMC) should take strong steps towards this to maintain the

discipline in the so-called high (noble) profession and the use of the title by the internees should be strongly discouraged.

Similarly, I also request the government to send the medical graduates to the rural areas of our country for at least six months before they are given recognition by NMC. Also, in the present context, I urge the government to send all the

students pursuing their MBBS degree (from 1st to last semester) to the rural areas of Mid Western and Far Western Region severely hit by cholera as volunteers for at least one month. This will help curb the epidemic as they will be the most efficient volunteers.

Rajesh Joshi, HICAST, Ghatthaghar


Huge amounts of garbage remain piled up in every corner of the roads of Katmandu valley hampering the life of Katmandu’s denizens and

destroying the image that it is identified with. Local people of landfill sites are obstructing the garbage disposal with numerous demands. The garbage is piled up on roads since last Thursday. It is ridiculous to say that the government can not address the problems raised. It also raises serious questions as to the government’s credibility, because the government can not address the problems raised by residents of Okharpauwa. How can it address the problems faced by whole nation and the citizens? So, the government must address the demands as soon as possible and take a proactive step to find out the long term solutions for garbage disposal and


Kul Chandra Rijal,



Mr. Dipendra Bahadur Kshetry had been relieved as NRB Governor from the service and consequently Mr. Bijaya Nath Bhattarai, who has been given clean chit by the Supreme Court from corruption charges, has been reinstated as the Governor of NRB. These acts look perplexing and once again re-enforces the politicization of an autonomous government institution. Every appointment, promotion, re-instatement and removal of staff should be followed according to the due process as laid down in the rules and regulations. Moreover, it also depicts the lack of co-ordination between the government, the Supreme Court and the NRB. The result is Mr. Kshetry has filed a case in the court against the government. I believe the institution of such stature

doesn’t deserve to be dragged in the apex court so frequently.

Regmi Siris, Bhaisepati