Highway obstruction

With reference to the news report “Highway obstructed” (THT, April 19), I have to add that the way the highway traffic

movement is disturbed regularly is a matter to be seriously concerned about. The majority of the people have to suffer because road blocks are created by protesters along highways. Many people have to travel for important business, but they are stuck up because of such obstructions. Even the local administrations take a long time to sort out the issues. It would be in the interest of all if the parties concerned resolved their problems instead of creating

difficulties for the highway users.

Sukriti Sharma via e-mail


Apropos of the new item “Oli spews venom at PM” (THT, April 19), one cannot understand why the political leaders have that tendency to make unnecessary vitriolic remarks. Sometimes it is seen that the insults go to the lowest level possible. It would have been better if courteous language was used to put one’s views. It seems that the leaders are bent on staying in the limelight by any means. It is very surprising when senior and

respectable leaders stoop so low in condemning others.

Jivesh Shrestha via e-mail


I am a regular reader of The Himalayan Times and I am very

impressed by its coverage and contents. Now you have

increased the pages yet the price of a copy has not increased which is good news for students like me. I hope you will keep the interest of the readers in the future also. Good luck.

N. Sherpa via e-mail

Not good

This is reference to the news “12-hour power-cut daily” (THT, April 18). For harassed consumers it is a little relief.

Enduring the 16-hour power cut daily disturbed all the routine of students. In the evening, we have to go over our studies doing our homework, but when there is load shedding we cannot prepare for the next day’s classes. It makes the teachers scold us for not doing the assigned task. I hope that there will be more relief coming soon so that the students will be able to study in the evening also. This is necessary so that our future will be secure through our studies.

Aayush Chaudhary via e-mail

Display licensesAlthough only shops with licenses are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages, one finds those without one also doing so. Since this is not permitted the authorities should take strong action against the defaulters.

Furthermore, we find these beverages also being sold to minors. When this requirement was enforced it was done to prevent underaged people from buying them. Liquor shops should compulsorily be made to display their permits in a

prominent spot and under no circumstances should they sell them to minors.

Dinesh Thapa, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news “Private sector step closer to managing Valley waste” (THT, April 19). Management of garbage is a challenge, and the government alone is clearly not in a position to do this. Now that the private sector too could be involved in this, there is hope that the capital metropolis will become cleaner.

Management of garbage not only keeps the environment clean, but much of the garbage can also be recycled.

Furthermore, the biodegradable wastes can be used to make compost fertilizers that are said to be better and safer than chemical ones.

Sabin Maharjan, Kalimati


Apropos of the news report “Maoists keen on minority government” (THT, April 19), it seems that the Maoists want to keep power in their hands by any means. For the moment it is better for a coalition government to work rather that being confined to one party only. The main task at the moment is for the constitution to be drafted. But, seeing the lopsided manner in which the political parties, namely the ruling parties are working, doubts are raised if the work on the new constitution will be completed within the time frame. I want the parties to come clean and act in earnest and bring relief to the people rather than create disturbances in day-to-day life. But, we see the parties only interested in holding power and being indifferent to the woes of the public.

Rita via e-mail