Promising start:

In his first India visit following the April uprising, Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala received huge welcome in New Delhi, with Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh hailing im as a great leader. This is indeed a rare gesture by an Indian statesman to a Nepali leader.

Maoist chairman Prachanda, during his recent sojourn in India, got a warm welcome too. “You changed the course of history”, former Indian premier I K Gujral was quoted as saying to Prachanda. These gestures are positive signs for Indo-Nepali ties, which have sometimes been characterised by irritants. India played an important role in the restoration of democracy in Nepal. Now it could play a similar role in removing some negative perceptions that exist in Nepal about New Delhi’s policy. A review of some bilateral treaties to make them conform with the needs of the 21st century could mark a promising start.

Utsuk Shrestha, Chabahil

Model sites:

Prior to the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections, the Maoist fighters are being confined to the seven cantonments and 21 satellite sites across Nepal. This process no doubt requires a good amount of money. It would not be a bad idea therefore to build the infrastructure with a longer-term perspective so that when the Maoist fighters leave the sites after the Assembly polls, the sites might be developed as model villages.

Nilotpal Ghimire, via e-mail


Suvechchha Poudel, in her Midway piece “Gender talk” seems to have complicated the gender issue rather than shed light on it (THT, Nov. 27). Her two examples aimed at building a bridge between the traditional roles of men and women are inadequate and therefore do not help one come to an informed conclusion. It was an ill-argued, though appealing, piece.

Geshan Manandhar, via e-mail


This refers to the report “Rampaging locals demolish Swoyambhu crematorium” (THT, Nov. 25). Sadly, the government has not properly managed the crematorium. The same applies to the Pashupati crematorium. But those guilty of vandalism must be punished and the crematorium repaired as soon as possible.

Mina Sapkota, Gongabu


Nepali animal conservationists might have a point in taking to the streets to protest against the export of red monkeys to the US for experiments. But I just want to ask them: Why don’t you first do something about heartless drivers running over animals, and about these moneys starving to death?

Tenzin Nima Gurung, Swoyambhu

Cover more:

THT is a quality newspaper and its sports page is popular among sportslovers. Your coverage of the Martyrs’ Memorial San Miguel “A” Division league is praiseworthy. You could make the page even more popular by covering more regional sporting events and publishing interviews with famous sports personalities.

Samundra Rai, Kathmandu