Punish the guilty:

Apropos of the news “Panel sees blood on King’s hands” (THT, Nov. 21), I believe justice is being done after the completion of the Rayamajhi commission report. The panel’s recommendations should be put into effect, punishing those who abused power post-February 1, 2005.

But who will investigate the rights violations, torture, disappearances and killings of innocent civilians by the Maoists? Those responsible for killings in real encounters during the war may not be counted. But can the Maoists be given a clean chit for their killings of innocent civilians just becuase they are going to form a part of the interim government? A truth commission to look into the crimes committed by both the government forces and the Maoists should be formed at the earliest. Though some of their cadres may get implicated in some cases, the Maoists should help in digging the truth.

Amrit Sharma, Mahankal

People’s man:

As regards Bhavana Adhikari’s letter “No justice” (THT, Nov. 17), I would like to point out that Prachanda, unlike King Gyanendra, is a leader chosen by the people. If the people have decided not to punish him, no commission can, either. He has undoubtedly caused much destruction and mayhem, but all for the benefit of the people. However, the King systematically undermined democracy just to increase his autocratic power and he was responsible for killing people during the Jana Andolan II.

Surya Lama, Hetauda


In a democracy, every person has the right to dissent. But in the name of seeking justice, eople should not hamper the working of their organisations and the freedom of others. Closure of any factory or enterprise will only hurt the nation’s economy. The protesters should keep this in mind.

Ritu Raj Onta, via e-mail

NT service:

I am one of the Night Surfing Internet subscribers of Nepal Telecom (NT). Though the NT claims to provide top-class service, the reality is quite different. First of all, it is hard to get a connection to the web with NT’s dial-up system. Secondly, it’s very slow, taking minutes even to send a mail. Thirdly, unlike private ISPs, the NT does not have a 24-hour hunting line.

Eak Prasad Duwadi, KUHS


The state of football in Nepal worries me. Though Nepal has been taking part in international competitions for many years, the results are far from satisfactory. It can’t compare well even with regional teams. The national football authorities should think seriously about giving this most popular sport a boost by devoting more time, energy and funds to improve the Nepali team’s overall standard.

Bivek Dhakal, Classic College


Garbage is piling up in every nook and cranny of Kathmandu. Not only do they inconvenience the passers-by but also pose a serious health hazard to the locals. It seems the government has not paid the attention garbage disposal deserves Turning it into compost fertiliser is an option.

Shiva Neupane, via e-mail