Ideology of necessity:

Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay’s thought-provoking article “Political gains” (THT, Nov. 15) deserves a second and third read for praxis by all those interested in the great cause of people’s sovereignty and liberal democracy. What surprised one, however, was Upadhyay’s own surprise at the Maoists now abandoning any need, whatsoever, for the much-touted Round Table Conference that was to precede the formation of the interim government and elections to the Constituent Assembly (CA). Frankly, we shouldn’t be surprised if, with their domination of the interim Parliament and interim government, even the CA elections were dispensed with. It could be argued that, after all, we are an ‘interim’ state rising from the ashes of having been a ‘failed’ state.

Secondly, apropos of your editorial “Here it comes again” (THT, Nov. 15) on civil service requiring a thorough cleansing, it calls for, inter alia, restructuring and re-engineering, which, in turn, is not possible without a Whistle Blowers’ Act as honest civil servants need to be encouraged, protected and duly recognised for courageously exposing their own colleagues for illegal or unethical conduct for personal gains.

Madhukar SJB Rana, Jawalakhel


The news report “Ripple effect feared over Grover’s exit” (THT, Nov 16) has been highly sensitised regarding the issue of Shailesh Grover’s resignation from Hotel Everest. The real picture is different. I would like to clarify, once and for all, that the staff of Everest Hotel are neither harassing nor targeting foreign officials. Everest employees initiated a signature campaign against Shailesh Grover for his involvement in cases of mismanagement. The

employees pressed Grover to quit his job since he was working against the interest of the hotel and its staff and the jobs of over 200 employees were at stake because of his damaging activities. I would like to point out that the GM of Everest Hotel, KBS Lamba, and other foreign officials at the hotel are working together without any problem. Besides, along with Grover, two other Nepali officials, Hari Dutta Joshi, Human Resource manager at Everest, and Keshav Acharya, Finance Controller, were also ousted by the hotel staff.

Arjun Pandey, Central committee member, Hotel and Restaurant Workers Association

No justice:

The Krishna Jung Rayamajhi Commission has announced necessary steps against King Gyanendra for the suppression and killing of people during the Jana Andolan II. But, how does Prachanda get a clean chit? Isn’t he guilty of killing more people?

Bhavna Adhikari, via e-mail

Media’s role:

As the Maoists and the government get ready to sign the comprehensive peace accord, Nepalis need to celebrate and join in rebuilding the country. Nepal is making a new beginning after 12 years of violence and almost 15,000 deaths. Peace should have a positive impact on tourism, foreign aid and FDI.

Mahendra M Sakya, via e-mail