Who is afraid of Thimphu?

The news report “Nepal-Bhutan ties may be jeopardised” (THT, Nov. 6), contains an element of truth, as bilateral ties are likely to sour further if Thimphu refuses dignified repatriation of the refugees at the upcoming talks.

However, Nepal should continue its support to the refugees on humanitarian grounds. There is no point in Nepal bothering about relations with Bhutan when the latter is least concerned about the problems it has caused to the former. Bhutan should take back all its citizens. But it is not even interested in seeking any kind of give-and-take, the essence of diplomacy.

Bhakta Raj Giri, Summit Tamang, Beldangi, Jhapa

Party image

There have been reports that the Maoists are extorting people in various ways. While we cannot blame the whole party for the wrongs of some cadres, the leadership should nevertheless punish those who are acting illegally. This is necessary to boost the party’s public image.

Rajendra Maharjan, via e-mail

Oli’s visit

This is with reference to the deputy PM and foreign minister K P Oli’s India visit, reportedly to secure Indian help for peacekeeping efforts in Nepal. Whatever promises Oli makes to the Nepalis from New Delhi, the government will soon forget them.

Frequent visits to India without any concrete proposals are futile. Joint plans and policies should be agreed upon to boost Nepal’s development efforts and to promote mutual interests.

Ashmit Bhattarai, via e-mail


It is reported that Maoists are demanding food and lodging from some Kathmandu residents for their cadres who have come here to attend their party’s November 10 rally where Prachanda is scheduled to speak. This has caused inconvenience to people and put them in a dilemma. This is a clear case of extortion.

Yogesh Kaushik, via e-mail

No short-cut

In the news report “SLC exams to be based just on grade 10 syllabi” (THT, Nov. 1), Kedar Bhakta Mathema, the team leader of Study on Student Performance in SLC, has been quoted as saying that the new approach “will contribute to increasing the pass percentage”.

The government should understand that there is no shortcut to quality education. The new scheme may make it easier for the students in government schools to pass the SLC hurdle, but it cannot improve the quality of education. The students will continue to lag behind their counterparts in private schools. The education ministry should rather focus on providing students with latest education materials and quality teachers.

Babita, via e-mail


THT provides useful information, besides covering news widely. For instance, the regular flight schedules have helped many people know about the plane timings at a glance. Such information can especially come in handy during emergencies.

Bivek Dhakal, Classic College