Biased observation :

This is in reference to Birendra P Mishra’s article “Ferrying of arms” (THT, Sept. 26). The writer addresses a contentious issue that is likely to come up at the SPA-Maoist

summit. But it is strange that Mishra asks the Nepali Army to inform the Maoists about the movement of their men in convoys. Why should our national army seek the Maoists’ permission to carry out its routine activities? Mishra blames both the sides equally, while it is quite evident that the Maoists have violated the code of conduct more often.

I would like to urge Mishra and his monitoring team to make public their report without any fear of the Maoists or the government. They should speak the truth, thus helping the people to decide which side to support during the peace talks, as well as the elections.

Prithendra KC, USA

In memoriam :

If we turn over the pages of history, we’ll find a number of people who have sacrificed their lives for society. The best way to remember these people is for the politicians to engage in politics for the uplift of society rather than for the promotion of their individual or partisan interests. We could pay our homage to those who were killed in a helicopter crash last Saturday in Taplejung by fulfilling our duty to the country.

Yam Gurung, UK

Great loss :

I still recall Narayan Paudel of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) — one of the 24 people on board the ill-fated chopper — reminding our class during a presentation not long ago that we were the future of nature conservation in Nepal. Paudel was definitely among the best in our field in Nepal. The future conservationists will be paying a great tribute to all those who died in Taplejung by following in their footsteps. Their memory will forever guide us.

Bhuwan Dhakal, Central Department of Environmental Science, TU

Heartless :

Apropos of the report “Maoists’ mea culpa to French climber’s wife” (THT, Sept. 27), the incident only goes to show the Maoists’ heartlessness. They don’t even spare grieving people. Both Prachanda and Dr Baburam Bhattarai have apologised to Mrs Katia Lafaille, not because they are honestly sorry but only because the incident could prove to be bad PR for them in the international arena.

What are they trying to prove by returning Lafaille the Rs. 10,000 they had extorted from her, when they have taken ‘donations’ from thousands of Nepalis across the country. When will these people get their money back?

Pukaar Jung, via e-mail

Suggestions :

THT could improve its mass appeal by paying attention to some areas. Firstly, it gives too much importance to international news, while neglecting the local reports. The weekly questions under “Peoplespeak ” seem intended only for immature people. It should include some questions which are thought-provoking or of general interest. Besides, it would be better for the average reader if you could simplify your language.

The Monday column “Positive Living” that I used to follow with much interest has disappeared.

Subash Mainali, via e-mail