Deserved honour :

This refers to the news report “US honours Dalai Lama: China furious” (THT, Sept 15). The US House of Representatives has passed a Bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civilian honour, to the Dalai Lama. The Bill enjoyed support in both the Houses. Not surprisingly, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang protested strongly against it. This award will send a very strong signal to the Chinese government that the world condemns its oppression in Tibet.

The Dalai Lama has three important duties: as an advocate of world peace, of religious tolerance, and, as a Tibetan, to put an end to the suppression of his homeland. The middle path proposed by the Dalai Lama to solve the longstanding Tibet issue has gained worldwide recognition.

The Dalai Lama has emerged as one of the most respected leaders in the world. Interestingly, during the early months of 1956, he is said to have had an encounter with the Nechung oracle (one of the protector divinities of the Dalai Lama) that announced that the light of the wish-fulfilling jewel (one of the names of the Dalai Lama) will shine in the West. Now we understand what the oracle meant.

Nyima Gyalpo, via e-mail

More security :

There have been a number of armed robberies on our highways of late. During Dashain and Tihar, highway traffic will be much heavier, thus increasing the possibility of robberies. The authorities should pay greater attention to highway security during this period.

Nabin Bhatta, Naikap

Give more :

Most of the contents of THT are impressive. But I suggest you add more quizzes, puzzles, gags and distribute a lot of prizes. This will make the newspaper even more interesting.

Bivek Dhakal,

Classic College

Shameful :

The barring of Dalits by non-Dalits from entering the Shaileswori temple at Silgadhi, Dipayal, was a shameful incident. Dalits were even forced to flee their homes as a result of the protests. No religion permits intolerance and people are only inviting God’s wrath through such behaviour. Non-Dalits should understand the tolerance taught by Hinduism before acting in such a manner in the name of God.

Ranjeev Shrestha,

NCCS College, Paknajol

Negligence :

Apropos of THT Sept. 19 edition, the two news reports, “One found dead” and “Man murdered”, are the same news printed on different pages. Both deal with the murder of one Sashi Yadav. Strangely, while one puts Yadav’s age at 23, the other puts it at 25. The name of his VDC is mentioned as Khasriya in one, but as Khesarhiya in the other. This is utter negligence.

Bimla Shrestha, via e-mail

Rethink :

The government is reportedly issuing some five million citizenship certificates. I hope they know what they are doing. Can they guarantee that only genuine Nepalis will get the certificates? Moreover, does this House of Representatives have the authority to pass such a crucial Bill? The government must rethink its decision.

S M Tuladhar, via e-mail