Is this democracy? :

Following the April uprising, strikes have become a common phenomenon in the Valley. Everyone seems to be taking to the streets to root for their parochial interests. While dissent is a healthy sign of any democracy, people should rise above their narrow outlook to consolidate the gains of the April revolution. They should not misunderstand the concept of democracy.

Democratic rights are for all the people and not confined to any particular class. In this light, the recent strike of the taxi operators was uncalled for. They were blocking highways,

disrupting businesses and hindering the movement of employees. Denying others their rights is not a mark of democracy. The taxi unions and all others should keep in mind the inconvenience caused to the general public. Why can’t they make their point by peaceful

demonstrations without disrupting daily public life?

Nawang Sherpa, Thames College, New Baneshwor

Mend ways :

This refers to the news “Abduction bid” (THT, Sept 17). The kidnapping bid and beating up of Nepal Dairy’s proprietor Dr Heramba Bahadur Rajbhandary by a group of Maoists shows that they need to do a lot more to improve.

The dairy employs hundreds of people. What will happen to them if the industry is forced to shut down? This kind of activity will only discourage the entrepreneurs, increasing the unemployment rate. Do the Maoists honestly believe that they will succeed in the 21st century by recruiting people into their ranks by force? Before they join the interim government, the Maoists should give up arms and stop abductions and extortions.

Gayatri Pradhan, Naxal

Think twice :

Pope Benedict XVI has sparked a furore by his negative comments on Islam. People in high positions should not forget the repercussions their statements can make.

Having said that, they should not be afraid to speak out their minds. Leaders should be courageous and hold strong convictions.

Omar Luther King, Delhi

Meddling :

Apropos of the report “Maoist acts not conducive to peace: Moriarty,” I fail to understand why the US is against establishing peace in Nepal. Why does the US expect us to act according to its whims? Why don’t foreigners let the Nepalis decide their future? It is not right for foreign players to put pressure on the Nepali leadership to act as per their wishes while ignoring the Jana Andolan II’s mandate.

America’s moral backing for the right causes is always welcome. Moriarty should stop acting like our politicians who tend to make irresponsible remarks, leading to chaos and confusion. Nepal will be able to solve its problems if its foreign friends do not meddle in its internal affairs. The US should play a more constructive role by helping Nepalis do what they want.

Vimal Thapa, via e-mail

Indian help :

I appreciate India’s help in re-establishing democracy in Nepal. I wish the age-old ties between the two neighbours would flourish in future. India should keep extending its help towards developing Nepal’s education and vocational training.

Surya B Prasai, via e-mail