Cow’s status should stay :

This refers to the news report “Cow should not be made national animal: ICDC” (THT, August 31). Some members of the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee (ICDC) have been quoted as saying that the status of the cow as our national animal hurts the sentiment of the 37 per cent of the population of indigenous nationalities.

Then cow is worshipped as the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi, especially on Gai Tihar. One day, ICDC members may propose a ban on Gai puja too! Yes, we need to respect the

sentiment of indigenous people, but what about the rest of the Nepalis?

In India, cow slaughter is banned except in Meghalaya and Manipur states and the crime is punishable under a cow slaughter law. It is noteworthy that the cow is not even the national animal of India. I see little reason for stripping the cow of the status of Nepal’s national

animal as the majority of Nepalis still worship the cow.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha,

President, People For


Majority view :

Apropos of the report “Cows should not be made national animal: ICDC” (THT, August 31), the ICDC members are crossing their limits on the pretext of democratisation.

ICDC argues that as 37 per cent of the populace oppose the ban on cow slaughter, we should

honour their sentiment.

But does it not see the need to honour the sentiment of the 63 per cent who want the cow to

continue as Nepal’s national animal. If we live in a democratic country, the majority opinion must be respected.

Pawan Nepal & Bijendra

Yadav, Birat Science Campus

Rehabilitate :

We are a group of displaced people hailing from Dhakabang VDC-7, Arghakhanchi, who were forced to leave our homes after repeated threats and extrotions by the Maoists. They forced my family off our land, but for what reasons I do not know. The Maoists have urged the

displaced people to return home.

Who guarantees that we will not be forced out of our homes again? I also doubt the government’s commmitment. Their plege of Rs 5,000 to each displaced family is a farce.

Narayan Prasad Khanal, Arghakhanchi

Forecast :

The Western region of the country comes under flood almost every year, resulting in a big loss of life and property. Poor weather forecasting is a major cause of this huge loss. The

government must install a reliable weather forecasting mechanism to save the Nepalis from unnecessary woes.

Narayan Prasad Khanal, Arghakhanchi

Strange :

The news report “AG points out irregularities in government offices” (THT, August 30) also shed light on KMC’s failed bid to recover “millions” from its employees, as well as on the irregularities in the Melamchi project.

Why doesn’t the government form a separate panel to look into these matters? It seems to have great zeal for unearthing the riches of the palace but does not seem to be interested in investigating the wealth of corrupt politicians. It is a bit strange.

Pradip Bhandari, Bagdole, via e-mail