American stance

It is evident that the US is trying to prevent the Maoists from joining the interim government. The Maoists are willing to enter the mainstream politics by establishing mutual understanding with other parties. American ambassador James F Moriarty’s provocative statements can only help in sabotaging the ongoing peace process.

We have high respect for the American people and their system of governance. The increase in American aid from $12 million to $45 million is also welcome. But the Americans need to

understand that most Nepalis, especially those exploited over the years, do not have much faith in the parties because of the latter’s past actions. Hence, they are now willing to give the Maoists a chance.

The Maoists are rebels and not terrorists. News indicates that Maoist leaders want to consult the US ambassador, as they have been doing with the heads of other diplomatic missions. The Americans should welcome this initiative. They should understand that stability is not possible without the inclusion of the Maoists in the government. Rest assured if the Maoists fail to work for the betterment of the people, the Nepalis will unite to throw them out.

Dr Thakur Subba,



This is in reference to the news “25 of wedding party go missing in boat mishap” (THT, July 2). It is little wonder that the boat capsized with twice the number of passengers it could safely accommodate. This is not the first mishap of its kind in the Terai. We repeatedly hear stories about the capsizing of overcrowded boats. There should be some kind of a monitoring mechanism in place to ensure that only a limited number of passengers are allowed on board. Moreover, the vehicles carrying members of social and religious functions frequently meet with accidents. The organisers cram people, thereby leading to such mishaps. The organisers need to exercise more caution.

Ram P Aryal, via e-mail

Job search

I go through your “Appointments” section every Wednesday to look for a job. I am a student of engineering and have no previous job experience. But all the adverts in your newspaper demand 2-4 years of experience. Isn’t there any hope for those with no experience?

How will I gain experience without ever being hired? Will the new graduates ever get a chance? By the looks of things, I will have to spend many more days looking for a suitable job. Who knows I might, at least, be entitled to a job-search certificate!

Sushil Pandey,

New Baneshwor

Fill posts

The government has annulled most decisions of the royal government. Following this, most posts at government-run bodies are vacant. The government has till date shown no interest in filling up these slots. Take the plight of Tribhuvan University (TU) for instance. Following the success of the Jana Andolan II, most top-level posts at TU have fallen vacant. The daily

functioning of this oldest university is seriously hampered as it is without a vice-chancellor, rector and registrar. The government should look into this matter immediately.

Dilli R Kattel, Dhangadhi