PM’s goodwill visit to India

Some MPs and politicians are seeking discussion over prime minister’s upcoming visit to India because they have realised that many past visits of Prime Minister Koirala to India have been controversial as the outcome of those visits were not made transparent. On the other hand, many Indo-Nepal agreements have not been implemented because of political instability at home. PM Koirala has no right to sign any bilateral treaty at this point since he is not heading an elected government.

The Nepalis have not forgotten the crucial role played by India during the Jana Andolan. Hopefully, this goodwill visit would be fruitful for the country. PM Koirala must seek India’s support for the parliamentary proclamation and for the holding of constituent assembly polls.

Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal

Take cue

This refers to Rakesh Wadhwa’s article “Welcome dumping” (THT, June 5) in which the author has argued that the Western countries’ policy of dumping their goods in the Third World has some good impact in the latter’s economy. Stating that the consumers are the real gainers of dumping as they can get goods at relatively cheaper prices, he has explained the advantages of liberal economic policies.

Instead of considering dumping to be an evil of free trade regime, we must look for avenues to strengthen our own trade. As a WTO member Nepal cannot be isolated from the WTO rules. I would like to thank Wadhwa for bringing out the positive side of liberal economy. Our policy-makers should take hints from his articles.

Rupesh R Khanal, Changu, Bhaktapur

Youth power

Most of the youngsters are leading a frustrated life because even after acquiring decent education they are jobless. That is understandable. But there are also youngsters who get frustrated without trying enough in life. They forget how lucky they are to have had the opportunity to go to a school and college. What would they say about thousands of those who cannot get decent education?

Instead of being sad, the youth should seek new avenues. They can travel to villages and engage in social work and help the poor in whatever ways they can. The youth’s enthusiasm can bring a real change.

Sajendra Man Bajracharya, Institute of Engineering Dangerous Sectarian violence in most of the Western countries is partly due to their secular nature. The ongoing Hindu vs secular state debate is dangerous for Nepal as it can spark sectarian violence.

Historically, our country has been a Hindu nation and it should remain that way.

Bharat Shah, Gwarko

Need unity

People from all walks of life participated in the recent Jana Andolan. They now wish to bring socio-economic and political changes. They want a country where one can work without fear and live in harmony. For this, a conducive environment is needed for all to participate in the constituent assembly polls. One should refrain from making contradictory statements and move ahead by accommodating other’s views.

Bhim Gurung, via e-mail