Impractical suggestions

The recent remarks of certain leaders of the seven-party alliance have surprised me. A few days ago, the media quoted CPN-UML standing committee member, Bamdev Gautam, as saying that the House of Representatives should be dissolved in line with the rebels’ demand. Instead of giving impractical suggestions, the leaders should help the government work out a deal with the Maoists on the question of arms management, which is the most important issue at present.

Also, the CPN-UML general secretary, Madhav Kumar Nepal, has said that donors may meet Maoist army’s expenses (THT, May 29). This is again a ridiculous statement since no guideline or timeframe has been designed for such an assistance. The modalities to distribute foreign aid to the Maoists have to be made public first. The leaders should, at least, know what they are saying in public.

Niraj Shrestha, via e-mail

Be sincere

It is good that the government has held the first round of talks with the Maoists. What remains to be seen is whether the rebels are really committed to democratic values. We must remember that the extreme right under the king also preached freedom and democracy, but indulged in repression instead.

The Maoists are an extreme left force that has resorted to violence for over 10 years. Hopefully, they are sincere this time and will follow the democratic course, which is the only

way to economic prosperity and social reconstruction.

Rajesh Koirala, via e-mail

Illegal act

New construction works are threatening the World Heritage Site of Swoyambhu. The inactivity of the Archaeology Department and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) regarding the encroachment around the base of the hill is inexcusable.

How can anybody be allowed to build structures without a permit? You need a KMC permit even to build a house on your own land. But the KMC is allowing incompatible constructions to come up at the World Heritage Site. This, clearly, is in violation of the rules.

Recently, encroachers forcibly occupied the Bhichhus’ cremation ground on the northern side of the hill in order to build a monastery. This is wrong. You cannot earn merit by hurting other people. The government should stop the illegal construction works being carried out in the name of religious devotion. The donors should spend money on philanthropic works that benefit the needy in our society instead of erecting endless statues and monasteries.

Bhai Kaji, Kathmandu

Good shot

Kudos to THT for printing yet another eye-catching shot of a young couple on May 29. The girls’ Mona Lisa-like smile and total physical surrender could not be more spontaneous. But her boyfriend looked a confused man. His response just doesn’t match with the girl’s.

Vishnu Rajouria, via e-mail

Bad taste

It is a bad idea to take photographs of couples sharing private moments like the one published in THT on May 29. It is hoped that your photographers will take cue as it violates

couple’s right to privacy.

Vikash Pradhan, via e-mail