Lessons not learnt

It seems that the Nepali Congress (NC) will never learn from its past experiences with the King. In the news “Koirala meets King, seeks cooperation” (THT, May 22), Prime Minister Koirala has been quoted as having told King Gyanendra that “there was room for constitutional monarchy if it (monarchy) cooperated with parliament in enforcing the parliamentary proclamation.” It is not for the NC chief to decide on the future of constitutional monarchy in Nepal, it is rather the people’s prerogative to do so. In any case, given the recent developments and going by the popular demand, the existence of monarchy is at stake. I am sure PM Koirala is well aware of this fact.

Rajesh Koirala, via e-mail

Let’em in

Matrika Yadav, a central member of the CPN (Maoist), has accused the government and seven political parties of cheating the Maoists (THT, May 21). I am not sure about his

allegations, but one thing is clear that unless the government allows the Maoists to join the government, the real problem cannot be solved, as the rebels would not be satisfied by the hollow promises of the parties.

Everyone knows that the recent people’s movement was successful because of the Maoists’ participation and support. The CPN (Maoist) anyway controls more than half of the total countryside. They will also get a majority in constituent assembly polls, if not by peaceful means then through force and violence. So why not allow them to join the government now?

Ram Bashyal, via e-mail

Martyrs’ pix

The nine-point Declaration by the House of Representative is indeed a historical announcement. The cabinet deserves appreciation for having come up with this document in line with the people’s aspirations.

Since the King has been stripped of major powers, we want to know what would happen to currency notes and coins bearing the King’s image. Is all the circulating paper money going to be dumped? Hope the government would print the pictures of our martyrs on the currency notes in future.

Deepak Mauwar, via e-mail


The way the Maoists are extorting money will surely vitiate the atmosphere for peace talks. No excuse can be acceptable for resorting to lootings and extortions during peacetime. The rebels should stop such activities by considering the gains of the successful people’s movement. It would be a blunder on the part of the Maoists if they continued with the suppression of the innocent people. Methods of extortion can prove to be counter-productive.

Prakash Chandra Kandel, Tri Chandra College

No action

No report has so far come out with regard to the leakage of SLC question papers. Much hue and cry was raised over the leakage at that time, followed by news of appropriate action to be initiated against the callous authorities or teachers involved in the leak. It is unfortunate that nothing has been done to correct the mistakes. This sort of delay in punishing the guilty is one of the main reasons for the slow progress of our education system.

Shiva Neupane, Golphutar