New political awareness:

This refers to Dr Lok Raj Baral’s article “Pro-democracy movement: Now it is qualitatively different” published in THT on April 17. Dr Baral’s assertion about new political awareness is somewhat misleading. Nobody, including King Gyanendra, believes that anything other than popular democracy can be the political order in the 21st century. In a democracy, political awareness is about enforcing transparent and accountable governance like in Thailand where reelected PM Thaksin Sinawatra had to bow down. Had our parties behaved in that manner, we would not have to come to such a pass. While the same corrupt faces continue to be at the helm of the seven-party alliance, it is the “power flowing out of the barrel of a gun” that is basically at work in the current turbulence. But whoever is responsible for the present “movement”, they must come up with a roadmap for transparent and accountable governance. That alone would stand out as the test of a new political awareness.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha, Lalitpur


With no sign of any improvement in the continuing crisis, the commoners are suffering the most. The bandh has caused great inconvenience to the people, especially due to obstruction in transportation services. The price of essentials has shot up and the dealers are said to be creating artificial shortage so that they can fleece the public. It is truly difficult times for the people, especially those belonging to the low-income group. The government should realise its duty and ensure the supply of basic commodities like rice and salt.

Sanskar and Sanskriti Subedi, Shuvatara School, Sanepa


Alankar Khanal’s Midway titled ‘Glory of love’ published in THT on April 17 was moving. The writer aptly revealed the true meaning of love, which every person must understand. I agree that in this world of self-centred people, there is a need to show love, care and compassion towards the needy. The article generates positive energy and inspires the readers to love the poor. Also, it is true that ‘time once gone, never returns.’ But the present is very important. What we really need to do is to make use of the available time in the best way possible by spreading the message of love and hope.

Rajshree Kabra, via e-mail


It is annoying to see that some government bodies are not carrying out their normal duties, thanks to the ongoing strikes and agitations. Take, for instance, the municipality officials of the Valley who seem least bothered about public health and hygiene, as heaps of garbage dumped over the days have still not been disposed. The city roads, especially the inner lanes, have started smelling foul. Even the prominent tourist area like Thamel has been left uncared for. Just because the people are agitating does not mean that cleanliness should take a back seat all of a sudden and municipality officials forget their basic duty. The authorities concerned should take note of this and act immediately; otherwise we will be confronted with more serious health problems.

Sakar Poudyal, via e-mail