Promote science:

This refers to the news “Number of scientists up: RONAST” published in THT on April 5. It is good to hear that RONAST, which came under much criticism for not performing up to the people’s expectations, has finally felt the need to get going for faster progress of science and technology in the country. The development of this field is vital for Nepal’s advancement and to keep pace with the developed world. RONAST should initiate useful programmes and help the public to be up to date with scientific knowledge. Meanwhile, the country’s leading media houses like THT should give priority to science and technology-related issues.

Rakshya Gorkhali, Chabahil


Some government officials are creating confusion these days. Take for instance the recent remarks of Madhav Raj Regmi, the CDO of Kaski district. On the one hand, he issued an order to the people of Pokhara not to enter Kathmandu because of the seven parties’ agitation while, on the other, he urged public vehicle entrepreneurs to continue operating buses without fear during the agitation. Surely, the public does not expect such contradictory remarks from a ‘responsible’ civil servant. Also, by asking the public not to travel to the capital, the government is only restricting the people’s sfundamental right to movement. What is the logic of running public transport if the people are not allowed to travel? The CDO should clarify his remarks.

Harihar Poudel, Pokhara


It was great to read about Shanti Thatal, a legend of Nepali music, in the Variety page of THT on April 3. Thatal, though originally from Darjeeling, has dedicated her life to the promotion of Nepali music. Darjeeling has produced many other great singers and musicians like Kumar Subba, Dibya Khaling, Gopal Yonzon, Amber Gurung, Aruna Lama, Karma Yonzon, just to name a few. They have taken Nepali music to greater heights. There must be many more like them who are lost due to the lack of opportunities. More people should be given opportunity to demonstrate their talent.

Bibhaw Chamling, via e-mail

Give details:

Many sports lovers are disappointed by the incomplete news coverage of the clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona in THT recently. I, too, was expecting detailed information. The readers were left without the interesting facts of the match like red card given to Roberto Carlos and there were a lot of penalty disparities too. Barca was given a generous penalty shoot, whereas Ronaldo was carded for diving when he was really fouled inside the penalty area. We expect a better coverage next time.

Utshav Shrestha, Tahachal

Take action:

The news of the leakage of SLC question papers was indeed sad. The SLC board should look into this matter seriously and the Controller of Examination be held responsible if the leakage is proved. It is the duty of the Controller’s office to see to it that question papers remain in safe custody and is opened only at the time of the examination. This money-making racket should be busted.

Roshan Rijal, via e-mail