Combating inflation

The Nepal Oil Corporation has again increased the price of petroleum products. This is surely going to affect the consumers. As it is, the country has already been hit hard by economic instability. According to a recent Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) statement, the rate of trade deficit and financial deficit are increasing. The current rate of inflation is in ‘running stage’ — 8.8 per cent in comparison to 3.1 per cent of last year.

According to NRB, the rate of government expenditure and capital expenditure are also increasing. In the trade sector, the rate of imports is higher than exports. Exports to India and third countries have also decreased. The current conflict is greatly affecting the tourism and hotel industries. The only good news is the increasing trend of foreign currency

reserves, remittance income and inter-banking transactions. Excess liquidity has increased to some extent because of remittances. But remittances and inter-banking transactions alone cannot play a significant role in stabilising the economy. The rate of inflation should be checked at once. The government, together with all the stakeholders, needs to design sound economic and financial policies and perform a social audit to control inflation and stabilise the economy.

Shubash Baral,

Shanker Dev Campus

Help players

I would like to congratulate the Nepal U-19 cricket team on winning the ICC Plate Championship held in Sri Lanka. Nepal was able to defeat two Test-playing nations, which shows how strong the team has become over the past few years.

Nepal is arguably the best among the non-Test playing nations. As Nepal is fast

becoming a cricketing force, the sports authorities have to give serious attention to the players. The ICC funds some activities of cricket playing nations, but Nepal has always been given lower shares. Instead of giving a lump sum amount to countries like Canada and the UAE, which are already rich, the ICC should give Nepal a larger share for the better development of cricket.

Despite the lack of funds, the Cricket Association of Nepal is doing a great job in regulating cricket. If Nepal wants to have a big name in cricket, it will have to build stadiums, practice grounds, organise fund tours and pay cricketers a decent salary. For all this, funds will have to be organised immediately.

Ayush Uprety,

Xavier Academy

Respect all

The Muslim community all over the world is protesting against the publication of Prophet Muhammad’s cartoons in a Danish newspaper. If this continues, we will soon face a great war over culture and religion.

International bodies like the UN should intervene and solve the issue before it is too late. Peace and harmony are possible only if all the people respect each other’s religion or way of life.

Anita Gurung, via e-mail

Ban it

I would like to draw the attention of the Valley traffic police, who do not question those drivers who run their vehicles by covering the number plate during bandhs. What if such a vehicle hits somebody and escapes? The police can do nothing without the number. The traffic police should ban this practice.

Narendra Ghimire,

via e-mail