Spare civilians

This refers to the news “Surya executives abducted” published in THT on February 5. It is unfortunate that the Maoists are targeting innocent civilians like these officials, who were abducted in Bara while returning home from work. Such activities will only raise doubts about the Maoists’ intention.

Their unilateral ceasefire had created a favourable public opinion about them. Since the rebels have reached an understanding with the seven agitating political parties, it would be better if they abstained from targeting civilians.

Shradha Thapa, Kalimati

Low standard

Although English is an international language, our standard of English is poor. Even after studying this language for almost 15 years, our ‘educated people’ are not able to write good and correct English, nor can they speak or understand it. I have noticed that many graduates or even those with a Master’s degree are not getting good jobs at home and abroad because

of this drawback.

Many educated Nepali youths are seen to be working in petrol pumps or roadside restaurants in foreign lands. They do not get good jobs because of their poor English. Generally speaking, the standard of English of our diplomats and Foreign Service officials is also not that great. It is a shame that those who represent Nepal abroad too are bad English writers and speakers.

Nitu Kedia, Kathmandu

Nepali stars

Many Nepali students, especially boys, studying in India are said to be great sportsmen. Nepali students there have earned quite a reputation for themselves in sports.

These talented Nepalis from renowned Indian schools like Welhams, St. Paul’s, and Sherwood are representing their schools at national levels. Many Nepali students

have excelled in football, basketball, cricket and even hockey. It would be good for Nepal to recognise their talent and include them in our teams here.

Slok Gyawali, via e-mail

Sad trend

Saraswati Puja or Basanta Panchami Day is celebrated by worshipping Saraswati, the goddess of learning, and is especially significant for students, who worship the goddess for knowledge and progress in their studies. The day holds equal importance for musicians who observe the day by offering puja to the goddess and their musical instruments.

Unfortunately, I don’t think today’s youth understand the importance of this day. There were very few students in the Saraswati temples this time on Basanta Panchami (February 3).

They are forgetting their tradition and culture, which are very sad.

Rajshree Kabra,



It has come to public notice that some fashion technology institutes operating in Nepal and claiming to be affiliated to foreign universities are actually cheating the students.

They are illegally running the courses without any licence. This is a serious problem as it involves the future of hundreds of students. The authorities should take immediate

action to stop such classes and appropriately punish the guilty.

Rupesh Shrestha, via e-mail