Good and bad

The government had given assurances that it would reduce the power outage by this month, but the people still have to tolerate 16 hour-long power outage. The government has been adjusting the load-shedding schedule for the School Leaving Certificate (SLC)exams, but this year it has yet to be adjusted. The SLC students are hard pressed nowadays, and it is hampering their preparation.

However, the government has taken the right action by charging additional tax to the private schools. One of the main causes for Nepal lagging in economic progress is the unequal

distribution of public wealth. The public revenue collected from the private schools should be utilised for educating poorer children from the disadvantaged and underprivileged

communities. The government should implement a progressive tax system for business and

individuals so that the overall economy will be strong and a prosperous new Nepal will be built.

Raj Kumar Shrestha Chanuwa-7, Dhankuta


This is in reference to “Indefinite ring to Tharus’ strike” (THT, March 5). It is very unfortunate that we again are facing another strike in the Tarai. We have already suffered from the three-day strike. Such strikes take place repeatedly. This has crippled life in the region. We are saddened by this practice. When will we be free from this kind of corrupt politics? It is

irresponsible of the political parties to act in this manner.

On the one hand, there is loadshedding and, on the other, frequent strikes. Is this the new Nepal we are talking about? We are in a transition phase of our history, so everybody should be a part of history by making sacrifices. We have to write the constitution within the stipulated time as we are facing problems related to our livlihood. As we are surrounded by challenges, all should show responsible behaviour in this critical time. What we sow we will harvest. Let’s unite.

David Kainee, via e-mail


This is in reference to the letter “Spoilsport” (THT, March 4). I disagree with the writer’s view

regarding the imposition of tax on private schools. It is absurd to say that tax should not be put on any kind of business. Whatever the writer writes is unacceptable and is not logical. We should not discourage the government from levying tax, instead, as loyal citizens, we must encourage it to collect tax from every sort of business. Taking tax from private schools does not necessarially mean downsizing the schools.

It is more about making the economy of the country sound so that the government will be able to revitalize the government schools and thus help the poor through that tax. The tax game, according to the economic principles, is taking things from one hand and sharing it through another.

In countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia, the governments are very strict on such issues. Tax evasion is treated as serious crime against the State. I am a student and a part-time worker with a foreign government here, and it deducts tax from my salary for some important reasons. So let us remember one thing — death and tax are surefire.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia