Impart rights education

In the present state of bloodshed, abductions and threats in the country, the feeling of belonging seems to be declining gradually among citizens. The principles of human rights as universally applicable rights and duties have been undermined in the country. Therefore, the public need to develop a serious approach towards working and living in a community. Schools can play a prominent role in this regard. Human rights must be respected and dissemination of knowledge on human rights is the first step towards achieving this goal. Education on human rights should be introduced in school syllabuses in order to develop a sense of identity and respect for civilisation. Doing this would also help in safeguarding the principles of democracy and social justice.

Proper education on human rights gives a boost to the teachers and helps the students in fighting social injustice. Schools are civil communities and teachers are responsible for imparting moral values to the students. All the responsible educational institutions must realise this and work accordingly.

Binu Acharya, New Don Bosco Academy

Daring act

This refers to the news “Physically challenged scales Yala peak” published in THT on September 2. Sudarshan Gautam’s bravery has made me feel very proud of him. He challenged his own disability — an effort never made before in Nepal. His feat will set an example for all the other physically challenged people. His determination and success will motivate about 2.4 million physically challenged people in this country. The Nepali society hardly cares about the talents and skills of the disabled. They are mostly dominated and discriminated against. This mentality has to go. We must accept that there are people like Gautam who are a source of inspiration not only to all the other physically challenged people but also to normal people who are unable to carve out a niche for themselves.

Lok Nath Adhikari, Maharajgunj

Good move

The announcement of ceasefire by the Maoists is really a good move. However, the steps taken by the political parties and those at the helm must be observed. Hope this will put some pressure on the government and the parties to initiate a dialogue in order to resolve the current conflict plaguing the nation. As almost everybody has realised that the ongoing armed conflict cannot be resolved militarily, political settlement is the only way.

Ramesh, via e-mail

Carbon copy

I was shocked to read the article ‘A beautiful romance’ featured in your “Relationship” column on Saturday. Neha Agrawal’s article is more or less a carbon copy of my article ‘My other half’ published in THT on July 23. There’s no denying the fact that Miss Neha might have gone through the very same experience that I went through, but it is surprising to find that the presentation style and language doesn’t differ from that of mine. She should have tried to use innovative ways and creativity rather than replicating mine if she really had the desire to share her experience with the readers.

Alankar Khanal, via e-mail