Better late than never:

Madhav Kumar Nepal’s recent statement of past mistakes made by the CPN-UML (THT, August 17) is timely but was long overdue. Now the leadership must show a capacity for strategic political vision and action. An alliance of the democratic forces (political parties and sections of civil society) is urgently needed to move forward a coherent programme for political, economic and social change. The state should initiate a conference for democratic change and development to consider not only immediate political collaboration, but also a practical framework for economic development and to bring social justice. The CPN-UML must show true dedication to national progress and take a leading role.

David Seddon, Thamel

Prove first:

Girija P Koirala has labelled two of his partymen as agents of the palace. If he knew this all along, why did he not take timely action against them? As party president, he should have been able to do something. Also, if he cannot prove what he says, then he should resign from his post. Democratic leaders should introduce democratic practices in their own party first. The Nepali Congress (NC) has a legacy behind it. NC leaders should encourage transparent dealings, clear agenda and vision so that the people would trust them in future.

Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal

Misled lot:

Students are said to be the backbone of a nation. They should respect education, be disciplined and should have a sense of patriotism. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Nepali students. Colleges have become more of a political playground than academic institutions. The result is the colleges and universities are producing students with below-average academic standards. Nepal cannot afford this because poor education will increase

socio-economic deprivation and political problems. But the so-called democratic leaders are hell-bent on riding to power on the backs of the students. Students are thus turned into henchmen at the cost of their parents’ sweat and tears and their studies and future. The chances of creating a generation of well-informed citizenry that is capable of defining its interests, rights and duties are being lost. Democracy has been abused, misinterpreted, and hijacked at the pleasure of the political parties. Unless we first create a situation where the common man can exercise his rights by fulfilling his obligations, nothing can be achieved. Students can actually make this happen but first they have to be allowed to complete their education peacefully. They can achieve this not by blindly following the party leaders, but by being at the colleges and demanding better academic opportunities and facilities.

Pravin, via e-mail

NC leaders:

Prof Birendra P Mishra’s article “Eleventh Convention: Turmoil in Nepali Congress” has come at the right time. Instead of only lecturing the people on democratic rights and values, it is high time the Nepali Congress leaders engaged in meaningful work. Time has come for party resident Girija Prasad Koirala to show how devoted he is to the cause of democracy.

Ishwari Pradhan, via e-mail