Unwarranted concern

The statement of Indian Defence Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, appears to have been made as a cover-up for his government’s failure to provide the required military assistance of the lethal as well as non-lethal kinds to the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) under existing treaty obligations and the long tradition of operational cooperation between the two sides.

In view of the political compulsions the Indian government is presently under because of its

coalitional base, it is perfectly understandable that the government of India is unable to deliver the required assistance despite the apparent pressure from its armed forces and other sensible quarters.

A public statement of this kind may be the Indian government’s way of doing a balancing act

for domestic consumption. But from a diplomatic perspective, it is most unwarranted and

uncalled for, if not downright menacing.

Nepal, on its part, should be wise enough not to overreact. The RNA is in need of military supplies. And the government must think of ways to procure the most essential, the bare

minimum quantity of necessary military supplies from elsewhere in the world, at the same time paying particular attention to making the procurement economical.

It must also be sufficiently realised that a war on terror is not fought merely with lethal weapons.

Ways and means must be found to deprive the Maoists of the opportunity for utilising the vast

number of the Nepali youth that are idle for want of required training and employment, but which can be had at a low cost.

It has therefore become most imperative for the government to immediately come up with a plan for training the unemployed youth in as short a period of time as possible and engage them gainfully.

Dr Jagadish Sharma,


Go for CA

Since the Nepali Congress is debating the present political crisis, it should realise that the only way out of the problem is by opting for a constituent assembly (CA).

This will satisfy the parties and the rebels, and the King should have no objection to this, as

constitutional monarchy has not been totally ruled out by either the parties or the Maoists. Even the outside powers do not seem totally averse to the idea of forming a CA.

The parties concerned should not therefore delay taking steps in that direction because the current state of violence could well lead to dangerous consequences for Nepal.

Ishwari Pradhan, via e-mail


The decision taken by the Institute of Engineering to withhold the request for affiliation of Kathford College, Kathmandu Engineering College and Himalayan College is good.

There are already a number of engineering colleges, which produce thousands of graduates every year, but who are, sadly, unemployed right now in the country.

Rather than just increase the number of colleges, the government should push for quality education and affiliation can be given region-wise, like one engineering college in each development region.

Saroj Bhurtel, Kantipur

Engineering College,