Helping the Sherpas

With reference to “Exploring Southern Solu’s tourism potential,” (THT, June 1), I would like to fully endorse that view. But in addition to that, it is time the government did something to improve the lives of the Sherpa’s who have done Nepal proud on the mountaineering front. Right from Tenzing’s feat of ascending Mt Everest for the first time with Sir Edmund Hillary, this community has given so much for Nepal. In fact the revenue they help generate for the tourism department is so significant that it makes almost no sense in our inability to

provide them good schools, health services, development and other infrastructure. It is through the school run by Sir Ed’s Himalayan Trust that most of the Sherpas have actually benefited. Why can’t the government do more to the community? Just the other day, Apa did all of us proud by stepping atop Everest for the fifteenth time. The government must not forget that the Sherpas are forced to eke out a living through such a harsh means because they have few other options in the mountains. It is for us to help them expand their choices in life.

Avagya Karki, Bhakundole

Helping hand

This refers to the photograph on Page 4, THT June 1, about the Italian Rotarians Roberto Magri and Camella Locatelli posing with students of Pancha Kanya School in Syadul of Dhading. It is heart warming to know that there are people who continue to support the poor in this country even when some sections of the society have been burning schools and doing all they can to disturb the regular functions of a classroom. It is unfair to close them down or disrupt their regularity.

Vidhya Rajbhandari,

via e-mail

Shorten it

It is good news to ardent readers like me that THT has started a new column “Talk to me” every Sunday with counsellor Sangeeta Thapa. Thanks to her for sharing her wisdom and giving advice. But one of the questions last Sunday was longer than the answer. I think a limit has to be imposed on the length of the question and answers to accommodate more queries.

Arjun P Bhandari, Chitwan, Chowkbazar

Verify names

We would like to inform you that we found some wrong information in the news “Govt bans production, import and sale of D-cold-like drugs,” published in THT on May 31.

The drugs listed on the story are not anti-allergic drugs; Diclofenac Sodium belongs to (NSAID)


Anti-inflammatory Drug group which is an analgesic (painkiller). Paracetalmol is antipyretic (temperature lowering) and an analgesic drug. Diclo-P also belongs to NSAID; Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic and Tinidazole is an anti-microbial drug. Not only D-Cold and Vicks Action 500 contain phenylpropanolamine which has adverse effects like hypertension and palpitation, there are several other brands available and they also contain the same component. They include Coldin, De-cold, Sinafrest, Tusq-D, Ephedrex, Deletus-D, Deletus-P, Meryl Linctus, Ascoril-D and Tussinol. Unverified medical name list published without adequate information would create confusion among the readers. In fact, the names need to be verified prior to publication.

Ganesh Maharjan,

Pharmacist, Kathmandu