Many factors are responsible for menace to our education system. The maladroit handling of our government does not help to make phenomenal strides as our education system is attributed to traditional method of teaching-learning activities.

As for my experience, I see undue political interference in educational sector as one of the nefarious activities prevailing in our country adding to the woes of sincere students and dedicated teachers. There is a famous quote relevant to this, “Honest people have tough times in the corrupt environment and corrupt ones have tough times in honest environment.”

Unfortunately, the government seems complacent with its “fake elephant-toothed” initiatives to reform the education system of the country. Our incompetent government including education ministers and the concerned stakeholders spend a mammoth budget of the country’s capital in the name of improving the educational sector. Most interestingly, no one really knows where the hefty budget vanishes.

Needless to say, the sweat and blood of the hard working and resilient citizens do not count much for our corrupt leaders.

Furthermore, the government’s failure to unveil comprehensive, vocational, students-friendly education and most importantly, politics-free education system, is the need of the hour to mitigate the ordeals and complications of the aspiring students who seem stubborn nowadays and disgruntled teachers/guardians of today’s generation.

If viable outcomes are to be expected, education system in Nepal must be free from politics.

Sanjog Karki, Tansen


Apropos of the product review “It’s a jungle out there” (THT, Travel and Lifestyle, March 2, Page 4), this ‘Into the wild eco resort’ is a real oasis, a gem of a place, in the pond sprouting with lodges, resorts, guest houses, hotels and homestays.

This is located in one of the most quietest parts of the northern edge of the Chitwan National Park, overlooking the Rapti River. This is just a right place for discerning travellers who are looking for rustic, easy, casual, flexible and non-intrusive service.

It is small and chic and not overbearing, condescending and intimidating. One can sit at the veranda outside its dining hall with a good book or powerful binoculars and soak in scenes in tranquillity and harmony for hours.

A wildlife holiday programme does not necessarily have to be rushing through a series of elephant and jeep safaris all the time, none of which I partake in because of my profound love for the gentle giant and the ecology of one of the world’s best parks.

I prefer sitting and watching birds or a beautiful snake slithering into bush or an occasional rhino walking to the river or the villagers walking into the sunset with their prize of the day: precious fodder.

I also enjoy long extended nature walks all alone with a guide or in small groups of like-minded explorers. Nothing is more refreshing and exciting than walking in the jungle in total silence.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu