LETTERS: Civil Hospital’s service

Civil Hospital’s serviceThe Civil Service Hospital is one the finest hospitals of our country in terms of health facilities it provides.

It has been doing a great job since its establishment. To the best of my knowledge, the hospital not only provides its best services, but also charges cheaper fee compared to other similar government hospitals whose management is not up to the mark.

This is the reason why a large number of people visit the hospital. I think civil hospital’s doctors and staffers are dedicated to the patients by providing satisfactory health care service that it has at its disposal.

Recently, it is providing services such as bone marrow transplant, a service which is considered the cheapest in Asia. After all, people have the right to get health facilities as cheap as possible.

But the government should also come with the idea of a universal health insurance policy so that the people may need to pay minimum premium but get maximum health services throughout the year.

All the government hospitals should also have minimum standard and facility so that people all over the country may not need to come to the capital even for a checkup for simple ailments.

Saroj Wagle, Bara


Time has come for the Nepalese government to be serious about the fact that the new constitution is about to be amended soon in Nepal.

It’s a well-known fact that ours is a country where political instability has now reached such a level it seems difficult to control.

Major parties such as CPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress and UML have been elusive to reach a consensus to end differences on constitutional issues.

Of course, the constitution has already been drafted but all the major parties must work hard when it comes to implementing it through elections of the local bodies, Pradesh assembly and federal parliament.

Only then, the new constitution will come into force and the nation will march towards stability and prosperity.

Pratik Shrestha, Baneshwor


Apropos of the news story “Meghauly Airport opens for chartered flights” (THT, November 9, Page 5), Meghauly airport is an iconic tourist landmark that played a key role in putting Chitwan National Park in the world tourism map.

With customs and immigration in the open and passenger room under a thatched shade, it earned rare reviews from well-heeled and famous celebrities. It was something of a tourist attraction in itself.

The simple toilet used to be squeaky clean and functional unlike those at the TIA. It was also a launching pad for many a daredevil pilots such as Naresh Puri, Kundan Girl, R B Shrestha and many others.

The biggest contribution of the airport is that it propelled Tiger Tops to the orbit. Without Meghauly and without the then RNAC support, it would have never found the fame and riches it did.

If NAC wants to repeat history, it should start an exclusive service to Bardia as well.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu