LETTERS: Don’t blame TIA for all ills

This is with reference to news story “Malindo Air incident raises serious concern” (THT, April 25, Page 2).

It is quite surprising to come through such news now and then in social media, where each and every accident’s fault is pointed negatively towards TIA authority alone and it is not analysed from all angles. There is no doubt that TIA as a sole international airport in the country needs to be upgraded in many ways to provide quality services to air passengers. But is it rational to blame TIA or CAAN alone in all the aspects? For a while, if the TIA authority is to be blamed for Malindo case as well, what would be the answers for following questions? Have any international or domestic airlines suspended their flights to Kathmandu citing such an incident under safety ground? Does any airline commence its commercial flights to an unsafe airport or without conducting any prior study and inspection of that airport?

Is it not necessary for the airline representatives (general sales agents) or their staff to send the station incident report to its principal company? If yes, then does the principal company keep quiet on such safety issues and continue operation? It is definitely not so as every operating airline will take into account the minimum required facilities of an airport before commencing its commercial flight. As such, it is quite simple and easy to blame some other party and create big news but the reality could always be different.

If the situation of TIA would have been similar as mentioned in the news, then the willingness to operate flights into TIA by the international airlines would have been zero instead of overwhelming requests to operate. It is time to evaluate all related aspects and work towards upgrading the services of TIA.

Suman Raj Sharma, Lainchaur

Peace talks

The inter-Korean summit is not only interesting but also a chance to think through various angles. So far the international community has seen many nuclear activities even as the media outlets from across the world have long been focusing on the news of nuke programmes.

Our ancestors and descendants were working hard on the rough tracts of land to cultivate crops. As the time went by and scientific innovations started crawling into the human domain, the actual and mundane scene morphed into the0 next level.

Enmity, technology and unfriendliness had in fact made a foray against one another involving the countries the world over. In the international community today, babies are stillborn or born with disabilities. Who is responsible for this? People want to live in peace. Scientific innovations should be used only in that context or direction.

The international community should come forward to utilise science, knowledge and technology towards increasing the agricultural produce and strengthening the industrial activities. After all, the world needs seeds, not bombs.

P Senthil Saravana Durai, Mumbai